Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Made Out of Sand

Watch artists turn a beach into a plane crash.

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Mechanic452849d ago

I enjoyed that. So much effort to create. Pity they couldn't do anything like that at games conventions in the UK, but more than likely during the night some yob would destroy it just to gain satisfaction out of the misery of others.

subtenko2849d ago

imagine the advertising for the uncharted movie when they make one :O Epic Epic Epic! I still they Naughtydog should direct it. They need to be like "ok, theres no way were are gonna let anyone eff up this movie. People..take notes!"

Then finally the stereotypical game-->movie stuff can be put to least when it comes to Naughtydog. What a great company!

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Redempteur2849d ago

i can confirm that people were intrested and asked "what's this about? " and looked it up afterwards ...

THE event did his job .

SuperKing2849d ago

Quite interesting but when high tide comes, all that effort will go to waste.

wenaldy2849d ago

Way to promote the game..!!!

emk20042849d ago

That was very cool, and a neat way to advertise the game.

mayberry2849d ago

The video is in HD on "vimeo"! good way to promote sony! uc3 will be awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.