Battlefield 3’s used game prevention vs. MW3 freedom

Product-Reviews writes: Developers are not that keen on people buying second hand games, the main reason is the loss of money from used games, although some people will disagree and point to DLC as a way for extra money from used games. If Battlefield 3 features an online pass system that charges second hand buyers, how will Call of Duty gamers feel that make the jump to Battlefield 3, especially if they buy a used copy? Will this give MW3 an advantage?

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thorstein2847d ago

Try lowering the price to prevent ludicrous used game sales. If games were 40-50, then trade in values would decline because used games must have a price tag that is lower than the new.

Then I am picking between a $30 used game or $40 new. I am going new, especially if you include some good artwork ala most PS3 inside covers, for example.

danswayuk2847d ago

Well said, if you got to pay for online access and a new game is not much more. It's a no brainer.

Doc-Holliday2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

IMO there is a couple things wrong with the prices of games.

First, why do crappy, budget games, not worth more than $10 brand new cost $60, the same as a brand new AAA title. I have no problem paying $60 for a great game with excellent production values, and great support from a great developer with a proven track record. This game may have cost over $100 million to make so its understandable. But there are other titles on the shelf right next to it that may have cost $100 000 with a metacritic avergage of 50 that costs the same $60. Im not stupid enough to buy that and I doubt there are many ppl that would be.

Also, used games will never be worth buying from a retailer like gamestop for example. When i walk in there and see a used game for $55 and a new one for $60 which one would i pick? hmm. makes me laugh. This is one of the reasons i love being a pc gamer, games are always on sale on steam and its just a matter of time before the game i wanted at $60 becomes $20. or even less than $10 a lot of the time.

One other thing: console game prices are inflated because $ony and micro$soft like raping consumers in the ass.

Foxgod2847d ago

But then the price for used games would drop too...

thorstein2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Correct, but as Solidworm (below) stated: with the online pass they would be almost equal. The idea here would be that games would be more affordable (and I could buy MOAR) and used games would fall by the wayside because used games wouldn't be worth the trade in (it has to remain profitable to begin with). So, If Game X is $40 and GameStore wants to sell it used, they must charge a minimum of $30 because the online pass is $10. Which would force them to sell it for less: $25? Then used game sales profits drop because the worth of used games becomes so low as trading them isn't worth it because the trade in value would suck up at least 50%.

subtenko2847d ago

idkkk :/

I just want the games now

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

solidworm2847d ago

new game 40
old game 25/30
with 10$ pass=35/40
both games 40

thorstein2847d ago

What? You are using logic, sir, and that shall not be tolerated! ;P Do you not know where you are?

outlawlife2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

aside from the fact gamestop sells used games for 55 dollars months after they are new

I rarely buy used or trade, you get ripped off either way

BeOneWithTheGun2847d ago

I have made some good trades on craigslist. Traded Killzone 3 for Portal 2 straight up. Had I gone to Gamestop I would have received $20 towards Portal 2 and then shelled out $40 more for Portal 2.

Hicken2847d ago

That's situational. Any game being sold for that much months later is also being sold for full price new. Example: Black Ops.

Games with online passes that are still at full retail price sell for $47.99, as opposed to $54.99 for a game without one.

theonlylolking2847d ago

I am getting MW3 instead of BF3 because of the pass. I am not going to support any game that requires online pass to play online.

fooxy2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

In that case u might wanna stop playing AAA titles next year because most likely all publishers will adapt this feature at some point

ARMY_HAWK2847d ago

How does that affect you? If you are buying the game new you shouldn't really give a crap.

Hicken2847d ago

It's more or less telling you what you can/can't do with your copy of the game. It would be the same as a car company telling you that if you sold your car, the new owner wouldn't be able to use the a/c.

ARMY_HAWK2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Yea I do see your point. But think about it this way. Since were talking about BF3, lets use EA. EA doesn't make a penny out of used games. One copy can be soled multiple times as used and Gamestop still makes money out of it, EA doesn't make anything out of it. A car dealership in the other hand, does sell used cars not only are they making money with the brand new ones, they are also making money with the second hand ones, unlike EA. I'm not saying that I support the online pass codes, I buy 99% of my games new so I don't really care, but I do understand there point of view, all they want to do is make money with the used game market.

And also, I game mostly on pc and all my purchases are digital, so the used game market doesn't really affect me that much, unless I'm looking for a specific console game.

chadachada1232847d ago

Hicken, it would be the same as a car company giving free gas to people that bought their cars (in the same sense that EA has its own servers), then selling this car to another person.

You're essentially saying that EA should open up its servers to people that did not give them a penny.

superrey192846d ago


that's probably the best analogy explaining why the used video game market and used car market should not be compared.

If you buy your games new, these online passes should not bother you.

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Pandamobile2847d ago

Enjoy your terrible game.

DaTruth2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )


I hate trading anyways! You sell your game for practically nothing and when you go to buy a used game, they"re like $5 less than new! WTF is five dollars??? Whoopie, I can get two beers with my game or a tiny spliff!

Doc-Holliday2847d ago

LOL DaTruth, so true.

Can't believe anyone would ever disagree with that statement. If the savings I got from buying used games got me a bag, then it might be worth it. But a small spliff, definately not.

Ser2847d ago

Good luck avoiding online passes for the rest of your life. I won't be able to, there are too many good games out there that do it.

OdinFallen2847d ago

If that's your reasoning for not buying a game then you sir are not supporting the developer.

danswayuk2847d ago

Do you buy used games or is this more of a principle thing?

hiredhelp2847d ago

I am getting MW3 instead of BF3 because of the pass. I am not going to support any game that requires online pass to play online.

But your pay the extra added on cost that activision stuffed on the game.
youll pay over priced DLC too guess as well?

Ok sure everyone doing DLC now. but Dice have given away free DLC too.

On another note i dont like the way this industry is playing this cheap game of squeezing money out of people. buy punishing thoes who honistly cant afford new games. and have no choice but to pay for second hand games. every dev gets paid there salery witch i wouldnt mind even half of what they get beleave that.

FunkMcnasty2846d ago

But you'll happily support any game that's already been re-released under a new name for the past 5 years, with overpriced map packs, and the opportunity to pay extra money for in-depth stat tracking???

If the Online pass issue is really the only thing holding you back from buying BF3, why not buy it new? It will be the same price as MW3, and will COME WITH your online pass... and that way you'll get all of DICE's map packs free of charge.

By all means, If you like both games and can afford both games when they release, just get both. It just seems silly to me to boycott an amazing game just becuase they are following industry trends.

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bumnut2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

I game on PC and have not been able to trade games for years, I think thats one of the reasons PC games are cheaper.

If they force online passes on console owners, surely they have to lower the price of the game.

vickers5002847d ago

Agreed. They take away value from us and still expect us to pay the same price? F*ck them.

SJPFTW2847d ago

im pretty sure the reason console games are slightly more expensive is because the developers/publishers have to give some of the revenue to sony/microsoft

allyc4t2847d ago

Online pass vs. paying 15 bucks for each Map Pack. Hmm.

vickers5002847d ago

Not defending MW, but those map packs are completely OPTIONAL, and there are plenty of maps already included in the games at launch anyways (like 15+ usually).

Online passes are not optional, they are mandatory.

DaTruth2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Good luck staying in a game cycle after 3 map packs are released, or playing with your friends who all bought the map crap... er, map packs!

vickers5002847d ago

Getting into a game takes less than a minute the majority of the time, and if I want to play with all my friends who have it, then I'll download the map packs off their account.

chadachada1232847d ago

Online passes are mandatory...?

What world do you live in?

Map packs are just as optional as the online passes, and at least the online pass is free with the purchase of a new game.

vickers5002846d ago


You still have to have one. They may be "free" if you buy the game new, but you still have to have and use it if you want to play online.

And no, they are not just as optional. With online passes, I am forced to either purchase new or pay a fee to pay for what's ALREADY ON THE DISC. Map packs do not come pre-loaded on the disc.

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silver-surfer2847d ago

What so EA with Battlefield don't release DLC and charge for it? hmmmm..... Bad Company 2:

160pts SPECACT Recon Upgrade
160pts SPECACT Medic Upgrade
160pts SPECACT Engineer Upgrade
160pts SPECACT Assault Upgrade
480pts SPECACT Upgrade Bundle
400pts Recon Kit Short-cut Pack
400pts Medic Kit Short-cut Pack
400pts Engineer Kit Short-cut Pack
400pts Assault Kit Short-cut Pack
1200pts Kit Short-cut Bundle Pack
1200pts Vietnam
400pts Onslaught Mode

Total: 6320pts which is in the region of $79.00

I can clearly see your point that paying for an online pass saves a fortune for DLC & map packs

chadachada1232847d ago

You can immediately take off 1600 (400x4) + 480 (160x4) = 2080 points because you would be buying the same upgrades twice.

We then have 1200 + 1200 + 400 + 480 = 3280 points for everything. Now, I would say that 1200 of those are completely unneeded (not even "optional," just "I want to throw money at something and get no tangible benefit"), since I got all of the kits within a month or two of play. Besides, Black Ops doesn't offer a similar reward, but I'd imagine the pricing would be similar for a short-cut pack that got you to level 50 or 70 instantly.

On top of that, onslaught mode was free with my version of the game, but I do not know if it was free in previous versions of the game.

Thus, for me, it would take only 1680 points to get everything, which is around $20, or 2080 points if Onslaught is added, as opposed to the already 3 map packs at $15 each that Black Ops has set up in just 9 months.

That is, $80~ for BBC2 completion, or $105~ for Black Ops completion.

So, yes, an online pass saves a fortune for DLC and map packs, and you should be ashamed for having such misleading math in your post.

danswayuk2847d ago

The amount of map packs in Black Ops has become a joke, a monthly fee would've been cheaper.

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