Bastion - One you simply can not miss (HookedGamers)

HookedGamers writes: "Traditionally summer has been a barren wasteland for gamers, but over the last few years XBOX 360 owners have been treated to some of the most artistic games of this generation. Games like Braid and Limbo have made summer a bright spot on the gaming calendar and this year Supergiant Games debut title, Bastion joins their ranks. Bastion is an action role-playing title that stands out from the pack due to its striking visual style, its deep customization choices, fun and challenging combat and a narrative that is unlike any other."

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Solidus187-SCMilk2847d ago

I really liked this game, it seemed to get better and better as I went on. Ive finished it twice so far and started a new game again.

Kinetix2847d ago

Is it going to be on the ps3?

Sizzon2847d ago

i want this game on psn, seems like a really good game.