Resistance 3 beta patch ETA is "this week"

RA: "Whether you are an industry insider, won a code in a contest, or bought SOCOM 4 back in April, nobody is able to access matchmaking the Resistance 3 beta. Attempts lead to a message saying "undefined," and as of now creating private matches is the only way to play online."

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Holeran2842d ago

After getting my beta code in my e-mail this week and attempting to get into 80+ games I finally got to play in one for 3 minutes then black screen that said this game has already ended with a random code after that. Then I try again to get in and I finally get in again only to have it freeze my PS3. Very frustrating. Looks to be fun for the couple minutes I played it though.

M-Easy2842d ago

lol I've tried to play this game for maybe 2 hours but that was all broken matchmaking. In actual game time I think I played maybe 2 minutes b4 getting kicked. But hey it was a hell of a ride but for a short time. Hmm, now I know how all my ex-girlfriends felt :)

TheLastGuardian2842d ago

Looking forward to the patch. Hopefully it fixes the freezing errors.

If your itching to play more of the beta, you can swap PSN id's and get into private matches here ---->

newn4gguy2842d ago

Lol. Thank God! I want to play an actual match!!! It's been fun, from what I've played though.

finbars752842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

I got my code the first week it was released there was only about 500 or less playing it and from All the full games I played it was sweet as hell espically infectious.The problems started last week which was the third week and the last for most of us.It sucks but it could be worst it could be release date and this happening.At least there working there ass off to give us a good product unlike cough cough COD.It might not be the best MP out there compare to what's to come but very enjoyable and look forward to playing the beta once it's fixed and the release date of Resistance3 can't come soon enough.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2842d ago

Very nice. For those who still wanna play though, you can easily organize a private match on insomniacs facebook wall or on the resistance website. A lot of us have been doing this for a while and works pretty well. EXGN_Itachi is my gamer tag. Add me if you want and when I'm on you can just join one of my private games.

DtotheRoc2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

this was the most disappointing beta and clusterfuck in my history of gaming SAD BUT TRUE.
had this thing for 5 days and i have played ONE full match that in that time otherwise playd a couple of private matches. still no excuse for this being what we got from what we were promised...also are they EVER going to fix this invisible glitch?? the other day i played as the chimera and the HUMANS were all using invisibility!!! explain that to me?? lol this game needs serious work and even after pushing back the beta 2 weeks it's still been released in the worst shape of any beta i've played before. i had a much better time with the MOH beta and that was pretty poor too lol but at least it was stable and ppl weren't invisible for entire matches lol.

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