Feature: Online Pass bad for gaming?

Lens of Truth writes - "We all know by now that the new trend in gaming where a player has to use an online code found in the new copy of recent titles just to play with their friends on the net seems to be taking the industry by storm. The real question here however is whether or not this can be considered good for gaming as a whole. For those of you who don’t know, when a person buys a used game all of the profit goes to the store they bought it from. No money goes to the publisher and certainly no money goes to the developers that worked so hard to make the game. This has caused developers to take action by punishing those who don’t buy new copies by way of denying them a key feature to many of today’s games. It seems like a smart, albeit dirty, move on their part but there are some things that might have been over looked by doing this."

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FlamingController2848d ago

I think so. If games continue to get passes, used games will soon stop being bought, and people will stop renting games. It's stupid..

Arthas2848d ago

You say this as though its a bad thing. It's kind of the point.

gcolley2848d ago

his point is they won't play the game at all.

Arthas2847d ago

Talk is cheap. I guarantee I'll see em online anyways.

Joe Bomb2848d ago

I think its bad as well. If I want to rent and try a huge portion of the game, like multiplayer I can't? Then how do I know if I really want the game? Its stupid IMO.

cemelc2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

You dont want to try a huge portion of the game you want to play the full game just not paying for it, online passes are good, you want to try the online then pay the 10$ for the pass. Its not like you pay the 60$ for the game it shouldnt be a problem.

Besides, the games with online passes gives you like a 10 day trial, that is plenty of time to test the game

DJMarty2848d ago

It's only bad for pirates and those that don't by new. Thats the whole point.

_Aarix_2848d ago

Alot of people cant afford to buy new

2848d ago
gcolley2848d ago

parents bought the console for them. i am always amazed how people cannot think outside of their situation, especially on this site.

Arthas2847d ago

If they can't afford the extra 5$ then they shouldn't be spending the 55 to begin with. This is just a BS excuse.

PirateThom2847d ago

Yeah, this excuse is wearing very thin.

The key is shopping around, I can get new games cheaper than pre-owned titles just by looking around.

It's all a matter of being a bit more sensible, rather than just walking into the first store you see and then complaining games are too expensive.

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Vortex3D2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I agree with when selling used game as business that doesn't reward the work from publisher and developers.

But one area that never get discussed is among family members and friends. Such "online pass" system also punishes them because everyone is expected to buy their own copy or pay extra when received an used game. What happens the idea of sharing among siblings and friends taught when we were a kid. What happens to passing the older games down to your sibling or trading with friends? Many of us grew up dependent on this method to be able to play more games.

The developer/publisher include sharing or trading as bad for their business. Unless they always get a piece of the pie whenever their games trade hands, it's bad for them. Of course they don't publicly say it. My theory on the reason publishers haven't started to sell new games with family license package is the game looks bad on display as parents quickly become more aware of buying game that is only good one time ownership in the house.

JBSleek2848d ago

Who cares... OnLive is the future of gaming.