Gamescom 2011: Guild Wars 2 Publisher NcSoft Unveiling New MMO from Carbine Studios

The online gaming space is getting a brand new entry from NcSoft– and it’s not Guild Wars 2. NcSoft and its Carbine Studios will be on hand at Gamescom 2011 to unveil a brand new massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. Jeremy Gaffney, executive producer of NCSoft's Carbine Studios, will be on hand with his development team to unveil the game at a press conference and then give media and attendees an in-depth look at the new MMO.

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evrfighter2844d ago

im really sick of ncsoft mmo's.

NuclearDuke2844d ago

I agree. Each quarter we hear about a new NCSoft MMO. Their MMO's simply aren't interesting. They flop over and over and continue to deliver mediocre content.