Top Five Hottest Male Video Game Characters

SFL Chronicle: Ah, video games and hot men: my two favorite things in the whole wide world. There aren’t enough of these lists, to be honest. You could find pages and pages and pages of hot female characters (I’ll do one of those soon enough, worry not!), but of hot male characters? Good luck finding any! It kind of sucks considering that 40% of all gamers are female and even within the male gamers, there’s still gay video game players. So let’s have a little fun with this fairly straightforward top five entry.

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Pikajew2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )


I like Snakes ass :3

Hilbomb2842d ago

Hmm where's Sam Fisher , Max Payne and Nathan Drake ?? :D

newn4gguy2842d ago

Was this written by a guy?!?

What the frick? I've NEVER met a girl who thought Chris Redfield was attractive. Leon S Kennedy is the heartthrob in the RE universe.

Dante from Devil May Cry is definitely up there too! Where is he at? Sam Fisher? Nathan Drake?

Pozzle2842d ago

Really? I'm a girl and I'd say Chris is far better looking (not counting his monster-arms) than Leon. Eh. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

AceofStaves2842d ago

It's definitely subjective. I prefer Leon to Chris, but both are fine. But Basch fon Ronsenburg from 'FFXII' is my top pick.

newn4gguy2842d ago

Chris's eyes are like touching though. That's gross.

blumatt2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

lol Is this another article about gay gamers liking male game protagonists?? Homosexuality is a sin, just so you guys know. An abomination to quote correctly.

How could any guy like another guy. It's just messed up. How could you NOT like women?? They're beautiful.

No, I don't hate them. I just disagree with their lifestyle. We're taught as Christians to not hate anyone. Being gay is a choice. It's not some genetic problem that makes them that way.

CrzyFooL2842d ago Show
Jio2842d ago

I'm not gay, but unlike you I don't hate people because they are gay. That's who they are. You make christianity look like a hateful religion.

OhMyGandhi2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

blumatt, I thought you were being sarcastic.

Pozzle2842d ago

It's kinda ironic that you have Stewie in your icon, then.

blumatt2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

The problem with the world now is that people have tried to make it "ok" to be gay. It's become the "trendy" thing to do. It's like being gay automatically makes you have more class or style. No, the truth is it's just gross. Not only that, but if everyone were gay, the human race would cease to exist after awhile. (unless everyone were born through in vitro fertilization.)

Oh, I don't know what I'm talking about?? O really? So gay people can procreate?? I didn't know that. lol

KitoSoma2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about and never known a gay person irl.

Back to Topic:
I think the picks were pretty on the mark, with the exception that Chris should have been #1 instead of #5. :P (Rather, anything higher than #5)

@blumatt Actually, yes. I know many gay people who have had children either invitro fertilization or by adopting the children that have been abused or neglected by so many other. All you're doing is spreading hate with your twisted logic. For every person who preaches as such, there will be a dozen more to protect them from you.

Pozzle2842d ago

"but if everyone were gay, the human race would cease to exist after awhile."

That's such a strange argument to make. It's like saying "if everyone stopped having sex, the human race would cease to exist after awhile." It's just...never going to happen.

oldfriend862842d ago

I'm gay, but frankly I don't care about what people think. There are a lot of dicks out there, and not the kind that I like. But hey, life is too short for me to care. Bigots will be bigots.

And I thought Chris was hot, until he started to punch rocks.

gypsygib2842d ago

I wish more guys were gay, more girls for me then.

Lol @ homosexuality being a choice, it's as much a choice as a person's sex is.....or maybe their gender hmmmmm interesting thought.

Anyways, to the above comments, I hate discrimination, life is short, enjoy.

All these religious people so concerned with the after-life should hurry up and get there, leave the living to people that want to spread love, not intolerance and ignorance.

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powney912842d ago

I'm also gay, and I find your comment extremely disgusting. Clearly you're a very small minded person. Thankfully, it appears the majority of the gamers on here are open-minded individuals.

Johandevries2842d ago

''Homosexuality is a sin, just so you guys know''

Ok dude, thanks a lot for this spiritual information...

powney912842d ago

With the disagrees, maybe not then...

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