Fanboys VS Haters: The Legend of Zelda series

"Welcome back Fanboys and Haters. It's been a whole month since we prompted you to debate the merits of the Legend of Zelda series and so the time has come to distill all those pointed opinions into a fine potion of perspicacious prose.

Let's kick things off with a look at the Good Game website poll which asked - 'Fanboy or Hater, which are you when it comes to the Legend of Zelda series?'"

- Good Game

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George Sears2847d ago

IMO, Nintendo's best franchise. This is the type of franchises that ages like fine wine. Although I've gotten bored by other of Nintendo's classic franchises, this one tends to stay true to its roots. Regardless of how much they might try to revamp some parts, it still turns into one epic adventure, even if the outcome is inevitable.

Micro_Sony2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

I agree and never understood why no other developer has been able to replicate Zelda's success.

If you look at Zelda on Paper:

No one talks
Graphics are last gen
No blood or gore
Story is not consistent
Rated T

Zelda sounds like an average game but when you play it the game is amazing!!!

For some reason I am scared of what they might try to do with Zelda on the Wii U because Graphics is not what makes Zelda the amazing game that it is and I hope the developers dont try to focus to much on the graphics and forget and the fun in Zelda.

colonel1792847d ago

Graphics may not be what make Zelda an amazing game, but you saw the demo from E3. It looked amazing. The animations, lighting, textures, everything looked great. Might no have been the best tech, but it was my dream come true to watch a Zelda game with HD graphics.

I actually think that these graphics will allow developers to make it even better, because since Link doesn't talk, it could allow them to make better facial and body expressions for him to express himself. Also, the battles could be more epic, the world could be bigger, you could have more enemies at once, etc. The possibilities are endless (especially with the talent of Zelda devs). So graphics might not be the No 1 thing to make the game great, but it definitely helps get there.

Just imagine a battle as Epic as one like God of War 3, or Shadow of The Colossus in Zelda.

Micro_Sony2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

@Colonel I agree with what you are saying but thats where my concerns starts.

"Just imagine a battle as Epic as one like God of War 3, or Shadow of The Colossus in Zelda."

God of War was good but in the end it felt like a QTE hack n slash game.

Shadow of The Colossus is an amazing game and cant find any fault in it but the problem is that it is aimed at a certain age group which Zelda is almost for everyone.

If the try make Zelda anything like those games and stray away from the Zelda formula then we will have your average copy and paste game.

Make the graphics pretty and add more to the universe but dont go adding a voice to link or adding over complicated spells and commands to do moves.

firefoxprime2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

What about people who could just care less about the series? I don't "hate" the zelda franchise. Yet nothing about the series appeals to me. Also, link is a sluggish character in S.SMBros. I like fox instead. I'm into the fantasy stuff and sci-fi too...but I just find Zelda not appealing to "me".

Hardcore fanatics make me laugh. Regular fans of the series are cool. If you have a passion for it, I'll definetly respect that. But some people just takes far. For some reason I've always been one to dip my hand into many pots/genres. Never been a crazy hardcore fanboy...cuz thats just stupid blindness.

"I'm gonna support this company because how awesome it makes me feel!!!" Um, no.

Like Sony,Big N,MS fanboys. All losers in my eyes.

I'm a big KH fan, and definetely held the action rpg bar for me. Yet I know it also has its flaws. Just a lil perspective.

cliffbo2847d ago

i agree it is nintendo's best franchise but why is it if you say anything about nintendo you are a hater ?

are you not allowed your opinion anymore if you do then you are a fanboy imo you are not a fanboy when you are only saying that something is better on what ever console if it is actually better.

as for legend of zelda i agree it is a great game but visually it is not very good hopefully the new wiiu will sort this out as i would like to see a true next gen legend of zelda or mario but i will not buy a wii or 3DS as the visuals have not improved since 2000 or not improved enough to for me, i want great games with great gfx's as should anyone if you are not interested in visuals then why bother buying a new console ?

Anon19742847d ago

I'm certainly a fanboy of the series. I've played pretty much version, missing out on only a couple of DS iterations. That was, until Twilight Princess. Man, I wish I had held onto my Gamecube or just bought the Gamecube version on the Wii, because to me - motion controls ruined this game for me. Every time I needed to waggle my controller to swing a sword, a little part of me died a little and I just couldn't bring myself to come close to finishing this game - a first for me as I've completed every one of the major Zelda releases up until this point. And I'll miss out on the Skyward Sword as well as I've long since sold my Wii. Makes me sad a bit. Hopefully, the Wii-U will dispense with this motion control nonsense, or at least give users a choice.

That's what was great about the Wii Super Mario Brothers. You just used the Wii-mote like a normal controller. I loved that game. Time to pair back the motion control, Nintendo. Keep it for the casuals, but look at Super Mario Bro's sales. Give regular gamers a choice and we'll make it worth your while.

mike1up2846d ago

No offense, but, how are you a Zelda fanboy if you're not even gonna to TRY Skyward Sword? You wouldnt even buy the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess, instead you just sold your Wii.

Its not your fault. The word "fanboy" gets thrown around way too much.

zackacloud2847d ago

Who hates this -awesome- series just because fanboys.

The End.

Gigglefist2847d ago

I'm having difficulty in making out what this sentence means. Is it a question?

zackacloud2846d ago

I mean if anyone hate zelda. It because of zelda fanboys. Because they always make non scense like any fanboys .( shit it hard to explain it )

Simply, Just what you expect from fanboys of anything ?

mike1up2846d ago

Im curious, what Zelda game features guest appearances by Zelda fanboys? How can you hate a game just to spite people that love it? Thats so lame.

Gigglefist2847d ago

I don't hate Zelda, but people think I do. I just think OoT is a tad overrated, and isn't the best Zelda game. A Link to the past will always be my favorite.

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