Team Fortress 2: Video-based game with real people

Thanks to the ingenious invention that is called YouTube, which often brilliant films of topics related to gaming. One is Team Fortress 2 you can see below the video, but with real people and great humor and fun of a good game.

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Mechanic452847d ago

An entertaining video to watch. A pity the standard format of your website link is in a different language though.

hamoor2847d ago

TF2 was and still one of the most fun fps games out there.

Even their trailers are awesome!
"what are you? President of his fan club?
Spy: no. That would be YOUR MOTHER *slams a file full of his moms sex pics on the table"

Hazmat132847d ago

now he is here to f*** us!

TABSF2847d ago

Digital Corridor are EPIC and so is Freddie Wong, Brandon Laatsch and their team :)