Sony Packs September Full of AAA PS3 Releases

This week is a stale week for PlayStation 3 gamers, at least at the retail level. But take this as the calm before the storm, as Sony has some of their heaviest hitters releasing this September.

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fluffydelusions2848d ago

Shame twisted metal isn't there anymore :/ but oh well I guess that's better in the long run.

Sev2848d ago

Well, that was in October anyway. But it was a good move. It's funny you say that, we talked about fans reaction last night on our podcast.

Jaffe is a genius, he delivered bad news and a delay (which pisses gamers off), but the way he spun it (that it was better off in the long run) had gamers thinking the delay was a good thing. Smart guy. Sony should hire him to do PR.

Karum2848d ago

You know Sev as I was reading that post from Jaffe, the thought going through my head was "cool, I'll have time to spend with the other games coming out that I want to play, go ahead and polish your game a bit more while I'm busy Dave."

miyamoto2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Jaffe is America's answer to Japan's Miyamoto on the hardcore level.

PlayStation gamers are so lucky to have him on board the PlayStation brand.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection – Release Date: September 27th! Sold!

CameronL992848d ago

Really? PR? With his foul mouth and constant apologizing for offending people after saying incredibly rude things a lot of the time? Noone's looking for Jaffe to do Public Relations, trust me lol

EVILDEAD3602847d ago

Hands downs one of my most anticipated releases this year..

I remember the first time I played the game on PS2 and came face to face with the first 'encounter'...chills literally ran down my body..been a gamer forever and it is a rare event for me to feel the sense of awe I felt for any game.

The game was a beauty to behold THEN..I can't wait to see what it will be like with the upgrade.

Yeah..I'm as excited as anyone to play Gears and even look forward to Dead Island after the hype. But easily one of my personal most anticipated games for ANY system has been ICO/SOTC collection. Just Wait till this new gen of gamers get to witness this magical masterpiece..

It's a great time to be a gamer...


Aquanox2847d ago

Good lineup but no PS3 exclusive can compete with Gears of War 3.

darthv722847d ago

is what im most looking forward to. Not to sure why the title says "full of AAA" releases as the other ones dont seem AAA type.

HD remakes of ps2 and psp games are now qualified as AAA? Driver, warhammer, NHL.....those are AAA?

Good games probably but I was under the impression that AAA not only meant the budget going into them but also the hype surrounding them as well.

If anything, just for the sake of the original article, it should be more like: "Sony packs september full of ps3 releases" and let the consumers decide if they are worthy of the rating. There is nothing worse than a big rating being placed on a game that comes up short.

JBaby3432847d ago

@aquanox: While you're certainly entitled to your opinion that was a trolling comment given the article it was posted in and plenty of people would disagree with you anyway.

BlindGuardian2847d ago


what it's usually known as PR are just poses and lies, gamers like honesty and talent, who cares if he curses?

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hamoor2848d ago

It was a good move from them.
More development time is always welcomed.
Besides these upcoming months are packed with AAA titles so I think it will do till TM release

Rainstorm812848d ago

Yes i agree, even with the absence of Twisted Metal, there are tons of exclusives let alone Great multiplats that will be released.

There will be no shortage of great games thats for sure

MostJadedGamer2848d ago

Sept is total garbage nothing at all interests me.

Liquid_Ocelot2848d ago

you bought a Wii?
..oohh right right, a 3DS.. sorry /trolling

the more the merrier :)

--Onilink--2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )


lmao off, so just because he doesnt like whats coming on september he owns a wii or 3ds?? wth??

The only big exclusive coming on september is Resistance, and based on what happened with R2, i think its best to wait until the game comes out before we declare it a AAA. As for the rest of titles, 2 are remakes/collections and multiplat games, so September is not that big of a month, November...thats a whole different story

MostJadedGamer2847d ago

No Liquid I only own a PS3, but Assassin's Creed: Revelations is the only game for the rest of 2011 that I am interested in. Its getting to the point where almost nothing interests me anymore.

Liquid_Ocelot2843d ago

I was just F**king around! XD

I lol'd when i read the first part of your comment --Onlink--

I see brother, im ight there with you.. Just looking forward to a couple multi-plats and the exclusives.

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TheLastGuardian2848d ago

The Twisted Metal delay was a good move in some ways but it totally killed 2011 for me. Twisted Metal was the game I was most looking forward to this year. 2011 won't the best year in gaming history anymore, not without my Twisted Metal.

subtenko2848d ago

Well its SONY! Also, like others have said, its disappointing that Twisted Metal got pushed back :/ Hopefully they use their extra time wisely to make the game even better.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

zeddy2848d ago

The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection and resistance for me, those are the games im pretty sure without reviews will be good. i'll wait for the dead island reviews as im not sure.


I was waiting for twisted too. I aint buying resistance3 on the count its garbage and the graphics were bad. Im buying that headset though.

showtimefolks2848d ago

would have struggle to find a big fan base so its a great delay actually. I also think ratchet will struggle those are the 2 games i have said in the past will not do great just because of how packed fall is of games and ps3 exclusives

GOW hd collection....Is a must for anyone who wants the complete GOW experience and story.

Ico/sotc.Ico on ebay alone sells for for lot more than this hd price so its a great idea to pick these because let's be honest most of us missed out on both of these master pieces

Resistance3. I will get this because i had a great time with resistance 2 and the 8 play co-op in resistance 2 was amazing i hope its still there in resistance 3

Gears of war 3.Will be no doubt a great game so if you have both consoles like me its and if you are a gears fan and you have the money why not you can't go wrong

dead island. This game could be great its like fallout with zombies in a way with all the RPG elements but this studio has a bad track record so we will see i am keeping my hype low for this and if it turns out to be great win win

Driver.I will not spend 60 on driver when in 2-3 months or early 2012 it will be 20-30 bucks

with so many games coming we all have to be smart on which to rent,which to wait for price drop and which to get on launch

twisted metal
the witcher 2

both of these games will do much better with their new launch window

WK2. white knight 2 includes a copy of white knight 1 on the same disk being remade with white knight 2's engine and they have fixed issues with white knight 1

so its like getting 2 games for price of one

i think its smart to release 2 games on a disk like for example

bioshock 2 could have had bioshock 1 on the disk for people to get extra incentives to buy it

just my opinion

Honky Kong2848d ago

haha... drink some more mountain dew or whatever but dont stay up all night.

Getowned2848d ago

yeah twisted metal was really the only exclusive outher then uncharted i was looking forward too,but yeah i want it to be polished as much as it can be! but it still sucks i have to wait longer.

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KingSlayer2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

R3, God of War Origins, and Ico/SotC shall consume September for me.

EDIT: Disagree? Please tell me what will consume September for me. LOL.

Miiikeyyy2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I didn't dissagree, But my guess is they want you to watch Nyan cat none stop all september.

It's a cat with a cherry pop-tart body and it's flying through space with a rainbow shooting from it's ass. I don't think it means anything. Someone took that animation and added that nyannyan music to it. Just for fun I guess

Sev2848d ago

What's that Nyan cat all about? I've seen it so many times, I've even seen someone with a tattoo of it... but what the hell is it? And what's the meaning behind it?

Sorry this is off-topic, but I have to know.

thorstein2848d ago

So there is no relation to Ceiling Cat or Basement Cat?

MrAwesome2848d ago

Can anyone confirm if GoW origins has trophy support or not? I've heard some people saying that It won't and some that it will. Help?

Miiikeyyy2848d ago

It should do, but I don't know tbh. HD remakes have them, so why not these types of games?

HaHa_Ostrich2848d ago

I think all ps3 games have mandatory trophy support since 2009.

Felix3132848d ago

It has full trophy support added - check out any of the later trailers.

badz1492848d ago

and for all who are interested in GoW Origins just like me:

badz1492847d ago

2 disagrees for linking to an announcement trailer?? how much lower can it gets over here?

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DaTruth2848d ago

Since Ico/SotC is slated for the 27, it won't be consuming much of your September. But it will consume whatever time of mine until Dark Souls releases!

videoxgamexfanboy2848d ago

Dont bother using logic...its n4g

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SamPao2848d ago

hmm gonna get resistance 3 for the story :) I hate the monsters and the scary parts, but I love the story and want the Chimairas OFF of this planet!!! I have to do it!!!

I will see about god of war, I played them on the psp and loved them, at a later point I will buy it.

AND OF COURSE the Team Ico collection! this is my most wanted for the holidays, beside Uncharted 3!
first day!