Why The Skyrim Collectors Edition Is A Rip Off

We all saw it coming, but we never expected the price tag that was slapped on it. For those of you who haven’t seen what Bethesda has done recently, a collector’s edition for Skyrim was announced and included what seemed to be some awesome goodies. You get a 200 page artbook, a special metal case, a making of DVD and a 12″ statue of Alduin, the World Eater. All of this for a cheap low price of…$149.99?

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RedDead2848d ago

Ya, 100 and I might have gotten it, 150 though hahaha. All I want is the bloody game the rest is a bonus

norman292848d ago

If i was to buy it it would just be for the game (obviously) and the Alduin statue (tis sexy no?) may be able to get my hands on one from Ebay nice an cheap

BeOneWithTheGun2847d ago

I hear ya. I just watched the 40 minute gameplay video from Quakecom (I resisted for 35.6 hours) and all I care about is the game. Holy smokes I cannot wait until 11.11.11.

This is a Friday, so no work! I will be at midnight release and run home and play all night. Then, sleep say, from 7:30am to about noon Friday, play all day fri, sat and sun. After a week, friends will probably start leaving messages as to where I am, is everything OK, etc. I already made an excuse for getting out of Thanksgiving with family in Seattle (plan ahead!) so that will be 4 more days of playing right there!

Yes, I am pathetic but you know what? I have a great job, all my bills are paid, my truck runs great, and I do stop every hour and do stretches and whatnot. I don't drink soda pop, eat Hot Pockets or other crap food so I shall not expire from a heart attack any time soon. I live to game. Other people, places and things are way overrated. Been there done that give me my controller please.

ceballos77mx2847d ago

I like your attitude man bubbs+

HSx92847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Well said but was the last paragraph really necessary? :S

Anyways I'm gonna buy this and sell the statue on ebay, limited edition items usually tend to sell good on ebay.

TekoIie2847d ago

IF he didnt put in the last paragraph i bet a grand that all his replies would have been very different....

jeseth2847d ago

I agree, if he didn't write the last paragraph people would go on about him "getting a life" . . . . then there's the people that give you the "friends, family, gym, and how they are an elite socialite" speech.

All things people like to say even though they are not entirely true.

Thumbs up to you Sir . .. for saying exactly how much you love to play. I too enjoy taking part in such gluttonous acts of gaming. People love to hate on it to me but its just because their sad lives are full of responsibilities they wish they didn't have (crappy job, $$$$ problems, kids, wife, ... kids HAHAHAHA).

raWfodog2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Funny post, man. Bubble up+. I was right there with you, resisting the urge to watch the thirty minute video but finally caving in and relishing the whole thing. I'm glad too because it really wasn't too much that we haven't read about from insiders already. We just finally got to see the whole demo...

I usually wait until games are out for a while so I don't pay full price ($60) for a new game but Skyrim is one game that I will be picking when it drops.

@ jeseth
I have a job (thankfully, not crappy), $$$ problems (as in, I wish I had more, who doesn't?), wife and kids (love 'em to death) but I still try to find time to vedge out when I can and play games. I have to admit though, it IS a waste of time when I could be doing something MORE important but, dammit, I deserve some ME time :)

jeseth2846d ago

@ dog.

Yes you do my good man! Unfortunately not many of us are allowed our ME time after a certain point. The second we even mention ME time . . . we are immediately considered selfish!

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The Matrix2847d ago

Yes, absolutely. Skyrim was by far my most anticipated game for this year. I was basically just waiting for the announcement of the limited edition in order to buy it. But $150 is too much for me, especially with all the other games coming out this fall.

ATi_Elite2847d ago

How is it a Rip off? You Do Not have to buy the collectors crap! You can always just buy the Game 2 months after release when the price goes down.

The Matrix2846d ago

I was expecting a more affordable option (oh, say, like they did with Fallout 3 and New Vegas) so I still have some cool collector's stuff, just not with a hole in my pocket.

Ares842847d ago

I feel the same way about every CE and LE. They are a ripoff. I just want the game and not an artbook or soundtrack or a toy.

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dorron2848d ago

Exactly. Most people will look at the book once or twice and the statue will be collecting dust in the shelves. Rip off.

JellyJelly2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

That's how I feel about most collector's editions. You pay extra for a bunch of garbage. Plastic figurines, "the making of" books, cards and stuff. It's not like they are gonna be worth a fortune in the future either since they aren't especially limited.

Only ones I buy are the ones that give you free dlc items, like the BFBC 2 ltd edition. They usually don't cost more either.

raWfodog2846d ago

I agree. The only way I would buy the collectors edition is if it was a gift for someone who really loved Elder Scrolls...

...but if they loved it so much, they would have probably already pre-ordered it already so I still wouldn't have to buy it :)

Bay2848d ago

What people don't realize is that, the statue itself, being 12" tall, and for the price of it, isn't too expensive, especially when you look at the price of other statues/figures.

Hell, a 1/8 scale (that's about 10 inches depending on what the subject is) statue/figure could cost you upwards to 100+, only occasionally being less than that.

However, if your hobby isn't figure/statue/whatever collecting, then obviously this is a rip off.

With that said, I'm still not getting this. I kinda want the artbook though.

Chocoboh2847d ago

I can vouch for this guy^^ I collect stuff like figurines and what not. Pretty expensive.

Mr Sadistic2848d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Ya I was gonna get the epic edition of gears of war because when reach legendary edition was announced bungie promised it was gonna be extremly rare unlike halo 3 legendary, we all know how that turned out.

So if I do end up getting the epic edition and its not limited like epic says, (which it probly wont be) This will be the second and last time I spend over 99.99 on a game. And you can take that to the bank.

Bay the main problem I have with the ones that are worth the price is when there not limited and then they drop to 79.99 two months after release like reach legendary, and it is kinda a slap in the face to the fan/person who bought the darn thing day one. That also shows just how much companys think these special edition are truly worth worth to me.

da_2pacalypse2847d ago

if anything the price of the skyrim collectors edition has intrigued me to buy the batman collectors edition now haha

mantisimo2847d ago

The Batman collectors edition is fairly reasonable @£60 but for twice the price with very little extra you can buy Skyrim!

I'm not paying £130 for a game a book and a chunk of plastic. I don't care what game it is.

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