FIFA 12 Wishlist

A new season in football is about to dawn. The summer transfers have been made, people have been sacked and FIFA 12 is just around the corner but has EA fixed everything that players have been crying about in FIFA 11 or have they introduced more pointless features and not fixed the core gameplay? Here is a wishlist of what some FIFA fans would like to see in the next FIFA season and hope this will be introduced in FIFA 12.

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news4geeks2843d ago

I just want a Fifa game where your players don't move like Joe 90.

Yi-Long2843d ago

... they need to be LONGER, you need to be able to save and upload more than just 5(!), and you need to be able to rewatch them from all angles and full-screen when watching them in the Theater.

Also, I want a proper in-game player editor, so we can make the players look like they should look.

And yeah, fix the end-less menus.

fluffydelusions2843d ago

I want to play as Rooney and tell fans how crap they are

showtimefolks2843d ago

as much fun as it is in PES.

Fifa has all the features and stuff and gameplay is where its always lacking not saying it is a bad game its actually a great game i just want some more improvements done in gameplay department

RaymondM2843d ago

haha good article, mate!

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