HD-DVD better value than Blu-Ray ?

Neither format will be going anywhere for a while thanks to the fact that the discs themselves are the same size, along with Warner's dual-disc format, so neither really trumps the other, but the cheapest Blu-Ray player still stands at $499.99, while the A3 is still only $299.99. Image quality between the two is identical (provided you're viewing it at the same resolution, obviously) and from what discerning ears can tell, the audio quality on HD-DVD is generally better.

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Mr Marbles4089d ago

Good idea, to grab a cheap HDDVD player for now and just wait out the war. When its over pick up a really good version of the winner, or pick up a dual format player on down the road.

Personally I think both formats wil survive, and dual format players will rule the land.

cuco334089d ago

I do believe that we will see what I have been saying for months on end... Purple is the way. Embrace both. Be a movie fanboy, not a format fanboy.

BLlNK4089d ago

Bluray is releasing a 100 gig disc soon. And bluray like many have said is the next format. I think what will decide the victor will be which studios ar exclusive to each format. Disney is staying exclusive to Bluray and that a big deal. Many others that I can not think of but are as important. Time will tell. I am a Bluray supporter.

cuco334088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

How does 100gb disc benefit MOVIES?!?!
Last I checked most films fit on single layer disks for both formats, a good amount are on dual layer with plenty of space. Dual layer as in 30gb & 50gb. 100gb is NOT NEEDED for high def movies. It is a pissing contest and relevant to Blu-ray for where it started, as a storage medium for the PC market, NOT for movies. Sure you can pack an entire season onto 1 x 100gb disc but it'll cost more to the studio (which in turn costs more to the consumer) and studios know that more discs give the added perception for better value.

Embrace both & go purple. You are only jooking yourself from great movies in high def from the other side.

To below: I take it you have magical golden ears and an expensive home theater set at home to be able to tell the difference between HIGH QUALITY COMPRESSED audio and one that's not compressed. Please, the film SOUNDS excellent and all you need for proof is ALL the reviews that gave the audio track perfect scores from 5/5 to 10/10. Besides, do you know how much they packed into the film? To end, did you even look at the audio score from the very link you posted? I'll give you a hint: 5/5.
And based on your name as well as avatar, I only have one thing for you... run along now troll...

RRoDx3604088d ago

Is that why HD-DVD Transformers couldn't have uncompressed PCM or Dolby TrueHD audio? (Hint: Because there wasn't enough space.)

"-why no Dolby TrueHD or uncompressed PCM? The studio's answer was that due to space limitations on the disc..."


pornflakes4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )


Like with DVD+R and -R. If we look JUST on standalone sales, not inlcuded the PS3 for Blu Ray, then HD-DVD would be the winner.

OF COURSE, somebody who has a PS3 will buy Blu Ray movie to watch a HD film.

But at the end the price will win, the casual consumer always decided the war.

Edit: And 100GB Blu ray isnt relevant for the film industry. You can watch TRUE HD sound in full HD option just with 15 GB.
If we talk about High Defenition standart then dont bringt this crap like 100GB. The 50GB HD-DVD also wont be needed at all.

titntin4089d ago

Very poor article, with some very obvious inaccuracies.

Its quite obvious that the PS3 is a extremely good Bray player with exceptional video output circuitry, and this is available at a cheaper price than he quoted for a blue ray player.

..and its also a matter of record that HDdvd's don't have space for full uncompressed audio, while Bray does, so the ultimate audio quality of the format will be superiror (if you have the set up).

I've no probelm with his own opinions and suggestions, but its worrying when things are stated that a factually inaccurate!

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4089d ago

Realistically, less than 1 person in 100 will ever notice or care about that difference. It's not like HD-DVD audio sounds like it's coming out of a megaphone.

There are two things that Joe Sixpack will appreciate about HD-DVD, as compared to Bluray:
1. The name. It has "HD" in it. That alone could sway middle-America when it is time for mass adoption of a format.
2. Price. Even though the PS3 is a lower cost Bluray player, entry level HD-DVD players are still cheaper at the moment.

kreetah4088d ago

But is Joe six pack going to buy a cheap player and disreguard movie prices? Until Movies as CLOSE to the price of a DVD in cost J6P is not buying in.

pornflakes4089d ago

Yeah its like "haha PS3 has hdmi 1.3"

Does anyboy has 13.1 @ home??

Nobody even 1% of the world in the next ten years will use 13.1 SOund System.

Mainman4089d ago

13.1? Lol, it doesn't go higher than 7.1.

xplosneer4088d ago

1.3 doesn't mean 13 speakers, it means it has uncompressed sound with better codecs.

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