Are video games art?

Should videogames be classed as art is the question raised in this article. Are videos games an accepted medium of art by its very definition.

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Yi-Long2850d ago

... just as it is with movies, books, etc.

buddymagoo2850d ago

Very true. Flower to me, was art. I can still go back to play that game and it puts me in a perfect relaxed state.

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RaidensRising2850d ago

In terms of artistic design I think all games should be considered art. Some of the renditions of real world items and locations are spectacular. Considering how things used to look 10 - 15 years ago.

limewax2850d ago

Totally agree, I think occasionally some games can feel like art. But in every game, there is underlying art within the game, from world objects right down to an extremely balanced system. Don't forget that art is subjective, and that to a dev, an incredibly well designed game engine is going to look like art in motion

stu8882850d ago

No. don't be silly, paintings and stuff that is art, maybe poetry... people who make games and think its art are obviously shit with a paintbrush!

Rainstorm812850d ago

What makes paintings and poetry art to you?

limewax2850d ago

Art is subjective, often art colleges teach you all sorts of bull now. to me sticking lots of multi-colored bits of paper to a block of wood is not art, yet in this day and age it apparently is.

You are nothing but a tool if you take art as what is current. Art is dead, the true greats are gone for good and never will paintings be the same focus of art as they used to be.

You know there's a very famous artist now for displaying her filthy bedroom, Yet games carry some of the most amazing concept artwork through into a game world, many artists see a game developers work as art. It's a shame that gamers have a had time seeing it that way though, appreciate the work you are being presented

garos822850d ago

do you ever listen to yourself when you speak, or at least read your comments. that has got to be the silliest thing ive heard in ages

stu8882850d ago

art in the stereotypical sense does not include video games. If I were to ask my old art teacher he would say no. If you were to ask an auctioneer he would say no.

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Rainstorm812850d ago

The age old question in gaming.....

artynerd2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Just like movies, books, and physical art- only a small portion of what's out there is really good art. There's a lot of failed attempts and some really heinous crap, but there are a few greats among the games library - titles like Shadow of the Colossus, Flower, and even Silent Hill 2 had some great atmosphere and a tremendous story.

Games are much more difficult to classify as "art". I mean, even Shadow of the Colossus. How artistic is it for the hero to be running into the corner of a room for 45 minutes, or glitching out? Giving people control of the game can lend itself to very "un artful" moments, haha. Books, movies, paintings, etc. are all as-is - you can't change anything about them.

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The story is too old to be commented.