The Top 13 Bank-Breakers You’d Want to Play

BT: "There are a lot of rare games out there. Some of these games are so rare and expensive that average gamers like you and I will most likely never see an authentic copy of these games in our lives, but despite their small numbers and high prices, how many of these games would you want to play? Not many, really.

Yes, they look pretty on the shelf, but all things considered, there are a good number of rare games that are subpar, or really nothing special when compared to other games of their ilk. I got to thinking, how many of those games would you actually want to play, despite having to pay out the wazoo to get an actual copy? That’s where this list comes in. I’ve compiled a list of thirteen very uncommon or downright rare games that are worth checking out just as much for their gameplay as their collectability."

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CrescentFang2843d ago

Pretty good list considering it also has Japan only exclusives. However there are too many damn games for this kind of topic you would need to divide it up system by system.

Racketboy (website) has been making these kinds of lists (informational purposes) for each system and I'm sure they have made a list for most of the systems by now.

Jdub895O2843d ago

i have about 20 games in mint condition worth 50 to 100$ a piece. Daggerfall,Ultima underworld 1 and 2, Bushido blade 1 And , Killer instinct gold,plus many more. These are actually good games though.

Kyosuke_Sanada2843d ago

KOF 2000, one of my fave fighting games ever, I'm glad it got a mention but where's Persona 2: Innocent Sin.