WWE '12 Will Have Louder Crowd Reactions

One of the weakest aspects in past WWE video games was the lack of crowd reactions. They were in the games but they weren't loud enough as they should be. WWE '12 is set to improve on this element.

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Septic2842d ago

This has been my complaint for YEARS and only now they figure it out?


BeastlyRig2842d ago

I stop playing wwe games since ps2..

Cmpunk2842d ago

if it's real then cena has to get boo'd

SheenuTheLegend2842d ago

But it still have slower gameplay
n that totally sucks

MorbidPorpoise2842d ago

"Crowd sound should be better. We have a new sound engineer working on it this year. Not perfect, but much improved."

Most of the things I've read of this game makes it sound like its some sort of beta test or something for the 2013 game lol.

rataranian2841d ago

Why is the Rock in every wwe12 game post when he hasnt wrestled a match in like 10 years?

RioKing2839d ago

Biggest he's the biggest name they can use. Plus he doesn't care, he's getting paid to be in it anyways.