Rage Car Combat footage looks phenomenal

GB writes : Rage is shaping up to be one of the best games of this year.

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Karooo2843d ago

that makes the wait for twisted metal easier.

Micro_Sony2842d ago

WTF are they showing Rage at Rave party?

iJihaD2842d ago

i wouldn't call it phenomenal. rather quite interesting.

Crazyglues2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

So glad I pre-ordered this game already, can't wait to start playing..

The thing I notice in the video was, it's really looking smooth, I guess that 60fps that they were working hard on hitting is going to pay off big time..

know I just hope the game is good.. I think people will be surprise at just how big having a shooter play at 60fps is.. how much of a difference it will make to the feel of the game..

Can't wait...


HeavenlySnipes2842d ago

I guess. Not amazing in my eyes

bozebo2842d ago

I thought the same thing. But then I realised that it's the first time a console game has had an environment of that scale where everything is actually interactive and reachable - not just 2D backdrops filling in the blanks to make the environment look big. Combine that with rendering quality that is very close behind games like Crysis 2 and that it is managing 60fps; then you can see how big of a technical achievement they have made.

Also; I wouldn't class shaky, blurry camera footage as anything to judge the actual rendering quality by.

I have yet to see a proper uncompressed video of RAGE - to see what it would actually look like running on my own screen; which is the only proper way to be able to decide if a game does look great or not.

Heartnet2842d ago

Fallout 3 had just as big as an environment tbh

dommafia2842d ago

I love how you are deducing this from a SHAKY CAM LOW QUALITY VIDEO. This is why publishers/devs hate when they leak low grade footage. They know people like you can't stop for one second and say "hey maybe I wont judge the graphics quality based on this shitty video quality".

gypsygib2842d ago

Off topic but I will never buy 5 gum, their ads are extremely annoying, overbaring and loud.

I can't wait until those 5 gum advertisements have run their course.

BeOneWithTheGun2842d ago

gypsygib, I totally agree with you. I hate those stupid, trying to be all cutting edge, fall into a big bowl of lava lemons. They are as irritating as the DQ commercials that stole their whole bit from Old Spice.


BeastlyRig2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

looks ok.

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The story is too old to be commented.