IGN Reviews Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Wii - 8.4/10

"...there's no denying the pure entertainment of Medal of Honor Heroes 2. The game controls amazingly well with IR, is customizable to a ridiculous degree, includes impressive 32-player online play that runs far better than EA's other online efforts, and even includes some casual-friendly modes with Arcade mode. The game looks beautiful, runs in 16:9 and 480p, and sets the bar extremely high for other Wii FPS titles..."

IGN gives Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Wii and 8.4 out of 10.

Prismo_Fillusion6097d ago

Besides Mario Galaxy I'm planning on buying one other game next week, and this review makes my decision that much tougher. I think as long as lag isn't an issue, the 32 player multiplayer and great controls of this game may help it beat out the other games I was looking at...

Very good review though. And it seems as if this may only be the beginning for awesome Wii FPS games. Maybe? Hopefully?

solidt126097d ago

I might have to try this game out. i have been playing COD4 all week on the PS3 but I think playing 32 player online on the Wii would be interesting. I heard you have to put in some long code for every player and that is the only thing that has kept me from playing Wii games online.

Prismo_Fillusion6097d ago

That's only if you want to play your friends. I'm pretty sure that the 32 player matches are with random people. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

codenamelenny6097d ago

EA isn't using friend codes instead they are using EA Nation. It makes it much easier and I think it allows text chat.

JoNaZ_RG6097d ago

EA does not use those stupid codes on their online games....This game will be using EA Nation where you create an account and with that account you can play all the games ONLINE from EA and you can also add your friends and ramdon people you play with, and it also offers quick instant messages......

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john_doe6097d ago (Edited 6097d ago )

does anyone knows if this game has 4 player splitscreen? thats the only thing that its keeping my for buying it..

Edit: No splitt screen multiplayer???? WTF.. its a letdown for me.

JoNaZ_RG6097d ago

It does have splitt screen multiplayer....who told you it doesnt :S

DeckUKold6097d ago

rgey was only focusing on the online

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Trebius5072d ago

But you can argue that anything ever designed can be made better.

I'm sure the way they designed the move will work well with FPS games considering it's already been coded into KZ3, MAG, and Socom.

They wouldn't do it if it's not going to work.

you're entitled to your opinion though.

JohnApocalypse5072d ago

I you tried to use Move in Killzone 3 multiplayer or MAG with the Move you'd probably get your ass raped

zootang5072d ago

Wasn't this already tested with Socom 4? The move came out on top? Split second to point at a screen.

JohnApocalypse5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

Yeah, but what happens if you have to turn the camera around? In singleplayer this sounds fine because your always moving forward but what happens in a multiplayer map?

eggbert5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

You just turn with the Move controller..... Same like a mouse, just move the controller in the direction you want to turn. (assuming you've played a FPS on PC)

I believe your mixing Kinect up with Move, Kinect is the one that will have trouble with character movement, thats why the games are on-rails.

Shadow Flare5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

I'm assuming when the target reticule nears the edge of the screen, the camera rotates round. I don't see that being much of a problem. And I've also seen gun accessories for Move that have an analogue stick on the gun, which I guess you can turn the camera with. But like the guy above said, Move came out on top of the dualshock in the socom trials so....case closed

ocnkng5072d ago

Correct me if I am wrong but is it not possible to attach the camera orientation with the move pointer? What I mean is that keep the controls identical to the DS3 just use the move as the input device instead of the right analog stick to control orientation. I agree with you that independent pointer movement inside a screen can be very good for shooting inside your viewport but once you have to turn around a little, it can get cumbersome.

avengers19785072d ago

Yes the move did win, and there even claiming it to be better than mouse and keyboard. I'd like to see that tested.
The move is going to work better than the Wii with FPS because the PS3 is so much more powerful than the Wii, and even with motionplus the wiimote can't get 1 to 1 motion, but the move does.

tunaks15072d ago

FPS on wii dont require motion control,
it uses IR which is 1:1...
the lack of knowledge around here is like looking at a forum after the wii launched. It is IR god dammit not motion control.

b-real5072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

The move is not going to EVER be as good as the mouse and keyboard for the exact same reason the Wii is never going to be - this being the fixed reticle issue. Its the simple step of being able to lift your mouse up to disengage input and place it back in the centre of of the mouse pad when you are performing a 180 (or close to) turn. you cant do this with either of these devices, as when you reach the end of the screen you will turn - however getting back to a confortable/playable position will result in your reticle (and thus your percpective) moving back to where it was (or close to).

Developers have tried to combat this by using binding boxes that are in the centre of the screen - meaning that when your reticle is in that box it is not fixed, however when it is moved outside of this box it will make you turn. Making these boxes very small has made it alot better (See Metroid Prime 3) however still far from matching a mouse and keyboard set up. AND THE MOVE IS GOING TO HAVE THIS EXACT ISSUE FOR FPS. Regardless of its 'slight' increase in accuracy over a wii (with m+), it is not going to be any better for playing fps.

syanara5072d ago

you guys are making a great discussion you should be taking this to the psn at home website HINT HINT! lol