Four Short-Term Fixes for 3DS that Nintendo Should Implement

Nintendo recently cut the price on the 3DS, knocking down one of its biggest barriers to entry with the 3DS. Now that the system is at a much more affordable level, those wanting a 3DS should feel more comfortable whipping out their wallet and giving their money to Nintendo. But one major problem still plagues the system: a lack of original software. That software can't be produced over night, so it's a matter of patience for 3DS consumers until software is ready. But Nintendo can help lessen the blow by giving 3DS owners reasons to hold onto their system until big titles come along. While the 20 free virtual console titles help, there always lies the predicament that the consumer already owns that content, especially when it comes to the early black box NES software. So while the free software is nice, it does seem like there's more that Nintendo can do to keep 3DS owners on board.

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