Notch's Twitter Makes it Clear, Mojang Not Interested in Selling

GP Editor, Marshall Henderson writes, "Mojang isn't messing around with their indie branding. In a recent interview with Develop, Minecraft developer Markus 'Notch' Persson talked about EA's possible interest in Mojang. In the article, he heavily implied that he had no interest, but fans have still been concerned by meetings.

Well, for everyone still shaking in their hard-earned Diamond boots, fear not, because Notch made it perfectly clear via Twitter that he was not interested at all."

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2847d ago Replies(1)
Pikajew2847d ago

Good. EA is a money hungry company

3GenGames2847d ago

That's the point of companies. Just like the rest of them.

AEtherbane2847d ago

Notch has shown he's quite talented with Minecraft. Its an amazing game. Good to know he's not going to outsource his talent in the name of money.

Spenok2845d ago

Glad to see Notch wanting to hold onto that "Indie Dev" title. This should keep him in control of his games. I would like to see him stay that way and keep releasing quality games.