Why did Xbox 360 Japanese Sales increased by 580%?

Today was a great day for X360 Fanboys because they claimed victory in DS Land vs their enemy, the Sony PlayStation 3 by 239 units (According to Media Create anyways)! If a random market analysis who knows nothing about videogame at all would look at this data and say, 17,673 X360 vs 17,434 PS3 sales is about 1.3% victory, and with a usual build in statistical build in error rates, the slight margin of 1.3% victory would have been thrown out of the door. (Media Create would have to have interview 16,641 retailers in order to get a 99% confidence level with a +/- 1% error rate.)

There are only two reasons that will spike video game console sale, game and price. Price was stable, so it must be the games.

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PS3 Limps on and on4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

outsold in Japan. Doesn't matter why. The 360 has had a few console pushers even in Japan. PS3 hasn't except maybe Hot Shots Golf 5.

PS3 needs to dump blu ray, and then lower their price below the 360, if they want to spark any interest at all, in the US.

Guitar Hero 3 for XBOX 360 sold almost 800k and only PS3 113K. That's the most telling stat, XBOX 360 knows what it wants to be, and it's owners know what they want, "GAMES" no gimmicks. And people looking for games know what console to buy.

DrWan4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

what the hell is game going to run on if PS3 dumps bluRay? Isn't the 400 dollar PS3 already lower than the Elite?

PS3 Limps on and on4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

No more Blu ray drive for movie playback or anything. Make the new models DVD only!

Cut the costs of having Blu ray and slash the price to like $299.

All the other sku's left over from blu ray era, cleareance for $99 get rid of them. Have only one sku.

Development gets going, games should come out equal to 360 because PS3 is = to 360 in power. It has nothing more. It's the same.

Sony looses a sh*t load of money in the proccess but saves the Playstation brand. It's the only way now.

Might think about making the console smaller in size also.

power of Green 4049d ago

Are you lightning by any chance? and if so WTF happend!. Anyways I like to see what happens when KUF/COD, Mass Effect-(is it releasing in Japan? its language system is pretty advanced)and Lost Oddyessy.

Anybody know the numbers with PGR4 in Japan? that could be complementing Ace Combat besides I thought the Elite was starting to pick up in sales before Ace released.

TheExodus4049d ago

@DrWan: Blu-ray is a media format not a CPU. There is absolutely no reason that the PS3's BD-ROM couldn't be swapped out for a DVD-ROM.

DrWan4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

@ both of you, is anyone else reading this??

Do you know what's going to happen if they take out the bluRay now? that means all the games released thus far won't be compatible with the new PS3 SKU, they will have to go back and re-release everything in DVD format and come up with compressino technqiue, that means you buy ur 199 or 99 dollar pS3 and u will have no games to play. That's one stupid idea for Sony to do. This spells disaster for Sony and also a PR nightmare, i hope they don't take your advices because PlayStation would be gone overnight if this happens. Not to mention all the games in development that IS using the bluRay advantage (without the needs to come up with compression techniques and such) woudl have to go back to the drawing board and redo everything

BluRay is fine the way it is, and price is already at 399. It is sitting at a good price and games are doing ok too, there are good games out now. The real cost of BD rom is unknown but seems like price has came down alot already according to the report that was posted on N4G about 2 months ago (we can search for it if u need).

CRIMS0N_W0LF4049d ago

GH3 is a gimick.

With same amount of money I can buy a real guitar and amp

ruibing4049d ago

I don't even check 360 articles except when they are tagged with PS3. Can we please stop tagging so vicariously?

Anyways, the exclusives and cheaper than ever bundles MS started offering seems to be paying off. This is probably mostly due to Ace Combat 6, it seems much more popular in Japan than it is in the states.

allforcalisto4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

enough of the whole "remove the blu-ray" thing. it's too late now, and it just wouldnt make sense.

gamers who would buy the blu-ray less ps3 would get confused and angry. How would they play games that required the blu-ray disk? killzone levels are aroun 1 - 2gigs each. resistance = 22gigs.

i think if you spend too much time looking up all this news you start to loose sight of sense. what happened when Gundam and hotshots golf came out on ps3 in japan? what happened when Crisis core came out and monster hunter for psp?

what happened when those games came out will shrink in comparison to what will happen when The game in your dp FFXIIIversus, Mgs4 and WHite knight story come out. staggering sales.

the fact that there were insane lines at E for all in america and TGS in japan kinda shows you how much people are anticipating mgs4. in japan alone FFXIII will end up selling about 3-4 mill ish.

as you said its GAMES.

ace combat is a big game in japan, but there are bigger franchises. Faaaaaar bigger franchises. I think dmc will end up sellig more.

a lot of the games coming out right now for the ps3 are around the 8 to just about 9.0 area.
the 360 has the advantage on games that would appease western tastes for now.

Next year when sony realease the mgs4 + ps3 bundle man...if they're smart they'd do a white knight story + mgs4 bundle for around 350 in the uk.

jaja14344049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )


True but it took me about a year and a half of practice to play some of the songs from GHIII that I learned in about 2 hours. In any case I still hold DDR in higher esteem. At least if nothing else DDR gives you a good workout!

AngryTypingGuy4049d ago

If they dumped BluRay it would cause too much confusion. People would be picking up games that aren't compatible with their system.

I think Sony will be fine, but because they entered this gen with such a hefty price tag, they are forced to be the long distance runner in this race. This was a bad strategy because many people don't want to wait until it gets to a price that they can afford. It is a decision that has and will continue to cost them market share. I think the market can sustain all 3 companies though.

PopEmUp4049d ago

When talking about stupid you are ranked as number 1 in the world that is a great honor isn't it?

godofthunder104048d ago

i just don't get the sony fanboys,first they said that the 360 will never out sell the ps3 in japan but it final did and they said it's no big deal,just like with fps,the sonyfanboys said it was a big thing and the ps3 could show more fps then the 360 but when they started releasing games on the 360 with 60 fps and the ps3 only had 30fps on the same game then they said it's no big deal.the sony fanboys always do this,they thing that the ps3 is perfect no matter how many programers said that saony messed up with the ps3.
i was reading the pc magazine and they said that we really want need br or hd-dvds for games for another 4 to 5 years and by that time the drive will be cheap and you could put a br or hd-dvd drive in the systems and sale them for $300 to $400.just think about it for a few minutes and don't be bias and think how many games that we have out now that want work on a dvd-9,maybe they might have 4 but still you have about 99% of the games that works on dvd-9.
the reason that sony forced br on people is not because of the games like they said,they put it in the ps3 and released it early just so they could win the format war and they didn't even worry about the games but it's helping them on the format war but they are loosing the game system war because of it.
sony is in trouble and they know it,between the ps3 and br sony lost 100s of millions.if br don't start selling a lot more then they are now by the end of next year then sony will have to stop making them because they can't loose that much mony this year because of the ps3 and br,sony had to lay off people,closed plants down,sold plants,and they even had to borry a few hundred millions just to keep the ps3 afloat.

jjfunaz4048d ago

Yeah you could buy a guitar and amp
but you wouldn't be able to rock on it!

whoelse4048d ago

Sorry b ut you're just a noob :(

DZNetworks4048d ago

You have NO idea how to run a game company...

You dont go backwards in technology EVER! It would be SUICIDE for sony to remove blu ray. As it stands now, the ps3 is the cheapest Blu Ray player on the market-- if anything Sony should market this as a Blu Ray player that just happens to play games.

I am a die hard 360 user and even I dont want sony to drop blu ray!

BrianC62344048d ago

Only Microsoft wants to see the Blu-ray drive dumped from the PS3. That is the lamest idea ever on how the PS3 will win this war. That's the one advantage the PS3 really has. It will be able to handle huge HD games in the future while the 360 games will continue to get more compressed and look crappy. Dump Blu-ray, bwahaha. Good one.

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JokesOnYou4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

actually both consoles had a recent price drop, ps3 on Oct 17th, 360 on Oct 22nd, so I wouldn't call either consoles *price "stable" with them dropping just 1 and 2 weeks prior to this sales period

360 should just get some credit for its ability to hang in there, where its obviously going to be a very tough uphill battle in a country where two of the biggest industry giants rule (or in sony's case use to rule)=


DrWan4049d ago

ace combat did its magic for sure

mark094048d ago

Thats good news for microsoft but bad news for 33% of the people in japan that actually bought the console.. my xbox just went rrod on me a couple of hours ago... I didnt play it much anyway so im not that emotionally distressed...

Chris_GTR14049d ago

LOL! ps3 outsold by the 360 in japan! LMFAO!!! i thought id never see the ps3 go that low.

Phantom_Lee4049d ago

Japen wont see a price drop til Nov 11

which is strange......since they usually get it first