I will gladly wait longer for a better Twisted Metal

SG - I am an avid fan of (nearly) all things Twisted Metal. True Metal heads try not to mention the sequels developed by 989 Studios.

If it ships with a Twisted Metal logo, then I will probably buy it. Not to step on any other SG family members, but I consider myself the biggest Twisted Metal fan of the group – and I will bare-knuckle box anyone who argues differently.

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-Mezzo-2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Couldn't Agree More, as a long time Twisted Metal Fan, i would want the best for the Game and would happily wait for a better Final Product.

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CameronL992849d ago

Jaffe and his team are more artistic than anything else, they're like the Polyphony Digital folks, always taking a very long time to make sure everything is exactly right, however their organizational skills don't exactly lend to getting this accomplished as quickly as they should.

Its the gameplay they're focusing on, everything else comes secondary. Gameplay is the most difficult art to create, you can make something look pretty, but if isn't fun you end up with another Lair.

Blaze9292849d ago

TM: Black was the highest rated TM game but because it sold the least, they aimed for T rating. Now whole time they're back at M.

They really should've stayed true to the evolution of the franchise, instead of trying to cash in with a T rating.

Ah well, knew something was up with this game when Sony didn't even TALK about it during their E3 2011 conference.

Hopefully the delay adds more characters instead of this only four playable characters thing they are trying to do.

ChiVoLok02849d ago

If they do add characters it will problably be through dlc right now they are making it gorier because it was initially going to be a T-rated and Jaffe finally decide to adapt the Mature rating or something like that, read it in another article.

firemassacre2849d ago

im glad there taking time to polish it up, and besides, ive got about 6 games on my list to purchase in october ALONE.
my wallets is getting ready to take ultimate combos right now.

Hoje03082849d ago

Yep, this just gives us more time to play all the other great games that are coming out at the end of the year and gives us something to look forward to early next. Seems like the holiday season now runs from about October through February.

Prcko2849d ago

Same here!!!
I know that jaffe gonna bring us epic car combat game,and that's why i gonna buy tm on day 1!!!

rabidpancakeburglar2849d ago

I agree with this but I sort of expected it to be done on time considering the way Jaffe has been going on since it was announced.

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