The witcher sells a million copies worldwide

Cdprojekt chief designer Michael madej reported that the witcher has sold 100,000 copies in poland and more than a million copies worldwide

'For Polish readers, Andrzej Sapkowski and his The Witcher epic, are household names. The game hardly needs promotion either here or in Russia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where Sapkowski is widely read. But in the West he has been little known. As part of the promotion campaign, a collection of Sapkowski's short stories about the witcher was translated into English. Signals on sales reaching the CD Projekt studio show the game is doing extremely well.

"For example is the second best-selling game in Germany. It is only a PC and it is able to compete with games selling on different platforms, like consoles and play stations. We are in the first ten or even five best selling games in Great Britain and in all countries in Europe and America. In Poland, our success it is unbelievable, because in the first three days we sold more copies than some titles sell in ten years."'

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Charlie26885194d ago

SWEET, its SUPER cool to see this type of games doing great :)

And the Witcher deserves every good thing it gets :D

KidMakeshift5194d ago

I wish Macs. would embrace the gaming world. I want to play Crysis!!! When Age Of Conan comes out I might have to switch sides.

led10905194d ago

ok i think they r talking bout the number of copies produced....not sold....sorry for the wrong news plz read the full story

led10905194d ago

but it is selling well so thats good i hope it sells a million copies tho

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