Borderlands 2: The Wishlist

Atomic Gamer - Gearbox Software has announced Borderlands 2 and a bunch of details on the changes going into this loot-happy FPS/RPG will be in the next Game Informer magazine. While the first Borderlands has had far from universal acclaim - after all, even the most amazing games have seemingly well-organized contingencies of haters out there - we at AtomicGamer are coming at it from the perspective of those who absolutely loved the first game. Here's what we're hoping to see in the sequel.

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jozzah2842d ago

Not fighting an end boss that resembles a giant plate of spaghetti.

alexx_fatal2837d ago

my BL2 wish list:
-in signal player mode don't make the select button a damn pause button. i mean come on really? what enemy is going to stand there and wait for you to look around your backpack?
-better customizable characters, complete personalization.
-keep the skill tree setup, with some new skils but make the damn lv cap 100. if they make cap 100 add more skills so player doesn't max out skill tree.
-customizable guns
-erridian artifacts you can use for guns
-5 weapon slots after starting missions
-no playthrough two, just make it were when you finish the game and turn in all missions including side ones, then the bounty boards give you random missions also all enemy lvs will rise
-better story, i tried to follow it in my secound playthrough, all i know is there's a vault and you gotta get to it while getting random loot and kill a few people/aliens along the way just to get fucked up the ass by a giant tentacal monster.