Atomic Gamer - RAGE Preview: The First 150 Minutes

Atomic Gamer - "You don't come to Quakecon without the PC version." This is something that I've personally heard id Software's creative director Tim Willits say at least three times in the past, yet for some reason I was still in Generic Trade Show mode when I walked up to go hands-on with RAGE, the upcoming game from the creators of the first person shooter. I figured I'd be on Xbox 360 or PS3 - usually because it's so much easier to bring consoles to game events - but nope, there were some modest, but still plenty capable gaming PCs for me to try out RAGE on. I was allotted two hours, but I snuck in an extra half-hour.

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Rashonality2847d ago

Long A$$ article....i'll wait for the game thank you very much.

Xenial2847d ago

My thoughts exactly. xD

SITH2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

I see I am not the only person who was hopeing for a video.

stevenhiggster2847d ago

By the gods, if he'd played the first 150mins of a COD game, he'd be writing a review not a preview lol.