EA Origin store offers deep discounts on user birthdays

New Game Network: "If you want to get your Battlefield 3 for $47, just wait until your birthday comes around and enjoy your coupon from Origin.

It has been confirmed that users get a nice birthday present from EA's new online store,"

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TheDarkness2843d ago

Ima change my birthday :D

Solid_Snake-2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

id like to see you try.

one thing you can never see or change is your birthday on any EA website. not even customer service can tell you as it is your only access to your account if you have lost your details.

source: TRUST ME.

evrfighter2843d ago

what you talking about solid snake?

I've got about 5 ea accounts with different bdays :)

egidem2843d ago

I can see 1000 people change their birthdays to the same day- the day before BF3 releases :)

Lionalliance2843d ago

Uh ho....people will take advantage of this...

MrBeatdown2843d ago

EA's not that dumb. I'm pretty sure this is only for people who have opted in to EA Store/Origin emails, and have been getting them for over a year. If that wasn't the case, CheapAssGamer would be making hundreds of dummy accounts, and that doesn't happen.

AO1JMM2843d ago

How many days/weeks out from your birthday does EA/Origin send out this email? My birthday is the 24th of this month and I have yet to recieve my discount email.

vicheous2843d ago

I had my birthday on July 25th and got a code that day ;-)

solar2843d ago

happy birthday!! here is a DD platform lacking auto updates, the creature features, and run by EA.

well now it isnt so happy now is it

Megaton2843d ago

How is that a "deep discount"? That's $3 less than your typical PC release's initial price. $13 less than the overpriced PC games that have received console pricing in recent years.

bluedot1332843d ago

true enough. But at the same time - it's a way to avoid those overpriced games and get them for a regular price :)

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The story is too old to be commented.