n-Space confirms Modern Warfare 3 DS, discusses lack of 3DS version

Developer confirms DS version of Modern Warfare 3 and talks about why there won't be a 3DS game.

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Ddouble2844d ago

Makes no sense at all.

Maybe it's because of the DS's larger userbase but you would think that they would at least make a 3DS version in addition to the DS version.

Can things get any worse for the 3DS?

Sano642844d ago

So N-Space is not making a 3DS version. Maybe someone else is?

Stealth2k2844d ago

are you forgetting battlefield 3 is 3ds confirmed already so its not as if the fans of the ds COD's will be missing anything

Neko_Mega2844d ago

Really? Because I haven't seen anything saying it is coming to the 3DS.

Most likely not on the 3DS do to the lack of users and their is really no point.

Stealth2k2844d ago

it was latter confirmed

And whats with the "lack of users excuse" the system is outpacing the ds in terms of worlwide sales. So theres plenty of users. And lots of games are coming.

3 this month I want doctor laurec and devil survivor overclocked, cave story

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TheCampfireSong2844d ago

Lol..Who plays call of duty on ds anyway?

TheDivine2844d ago

You can play the ds game on your 3ds though. Maybe they figured why make 2 versions when u can make one version for both systems. Still sucks they couldnt add 3d and up the graphics a bit. I dont know who would play cod on ds though? Maybe its decent idk.

PirateThom2844d ago

The reason is probably that it's a reskin of one of the DS CoD games, so even Activision can't get away with just porting that to 3DS.

StarWolf2844d ago

3ds plays ds games anyways. Both 3ds and Ds users can buy the game now. If anyone wanted to play COD in good graphics , they would play the definitive HD versions so i doubt the lack of 3DS power will bother anyone buying it the DS title.

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