Borderlands 2: What We Want To See

With Borderlands 2 just announced, we look at what Gearbox Software can do to make a great game even better.

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Rrobba2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

1. Keep and improve the epic multiplayer co-op of the original.

2. Improve interactions with NPC's

3. Keep the unlimited weapons variety - and add customizable weapons

4. Add more varied environments - the waste land is great, but more areas would be cool (e.g. jungles)

5. Improve AI (they were a little stiff) and add more enemy variety (there were far too many repeated enemies)

6. Keep the intuitive leveling/skill-tree system, but add new abilities and classes.

7. Story could be better, although I would prefer gameplay improvements

8. Keep the unique and good-looking art-style of the original

9. Add a little bit more variety in quest objectives

Do that, and your good to go IMO.

trainsinrdr2848d ago

Wtf what about weapon creation?
Borderlands 1 was extremely meh even with friends so they have to improve vastly IMO.

BiggCMan2848d ago

You don't need to customize single weapons when you have millions of different types to choose from. If you played the game long enough, and with the added DLC packs, you would have found so many different types of weapons. If they add customization, then the weapon generation system will surely be cut down in some way, and that is what made Borderlands so great.

solar2848d ago

@ BiggCMan,

while yes the many many different weapons were interesting, but i shouldnt have to buy the added DLC packs to experience the weapons.

CraigUK2848d ago

You dont, borderlands guns are randomly generated, the DLC had a handful of unique weapons, and bar the pearl guns there was nothing really in it which I would call "Buying DLC to get guns".

If you play the game enough you wouldn't need them anyway.

vickers5002848d ago

"but i shouldnt have to buy the added DLC packs to experience the weapons."

You don't have to unless you want to get the pearlescent rarity weapons.

And even if you did, I still don't see what the problem is. Bad Company 2s expansion Vietnam made you pay 15 bucks to experience the weapons it had, so what's wrong with Borderlands doing the same? It's not like the DLC wasn't worth it, as the DLC you had to buy to be able to get pearlescent weapons was one of the longest and most content packed DLC packages in history, and it only costed 10 bucks.

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Pintheshadows2848d ago

Good list. Could I add improve the menus. They were ugly.

Lazy_Sunday2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

...And, one more thing... keep the HACKS out. Try playing a co-op game without cheaters on PS3 or PC. Almost impossible. Not so hard to deal with on the 360 since you have to spend money and buy peripherals that will ruin the warranty of your 360 to mod their save games, but the PS3 makes it almost as easy as the PC version to mod.

Ray1862848d ago

4 v 4 Team Deathmatch.

ApexHell2848d ago

8v8 team deathmatch and ctf!

BiggCMan2848d ago

That just doesn't fit. Not every game needs competitive multiplayer in it, and certainly not Borderlands. This game is all about the huge open world, and exploring it with friends. Not small frag fests.

TenSteps2848d ago

16 v 16 team deathmatch

*waits patiently for 32 v 32 team deathmatch*

WhiteLightning2848d ago

That all DLC that comes out for Borderlands 2 lets you take the role of the Vault dwellers in a new adventure that leads up to Borderlands 3....we all like a little cliffhanger.

DanSolo2848d ago

Make it like Guild Wars...

Hub towns with lot's of players walking around and interacting with each other and NPC's, forming groups for quests/missions, but without being able to draw weapons or fight in town except maybe in arenas.

Outside obviously instanced in the same way that Guild Wars is!

Other than that...
Better story.
More lively feel.
Less crap childish humour and instead more actual funny humour.

palaeomerus2848d ago

Okay but also disable squatting in town to prevent blow-jobber griefing.

solar2848d ago

1. Better boss battles

2. Better HUD/Map when driving vehicles

3. Scale-able quests so im not fighting enemies 5 levels lower that i am

4. FAR better story and ending

5. More challenging and interesting quests

6. Smarter AI

BL:1 was fun with a friend, but not as great as N4G members say it is.

Urrakia342848d ago

Really? I thought the boss battles in Borderlands were pretty fun. Skagzilla!!!!!

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