Your Handheld is Evolving!: A Visual History of Nintendo's On-the-Go Gaming Devices

From the brick-sized original Game Boy to the miniscule Game Boy Micro, the Big N has a storied history when it comes to handheld devices. Still, it's easy to get the GBA mixed up with the GBC (much less the GBP or, heaven forbid, the GBL). Amidst the 15th anniversary of the Game Boy Pocket and the launch year of the 3DS, we've put together a handy visual guide to nearly every entry in the gaming superpower's long portable lineage.

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Rrobba2849d ago

I've had a lot of great memories on Nintendo handhelds. The Mario's, the Pokemon's, and lots more. Sure, the 3DS is off to a rough start, but Nintendo has dominated this market for over 20 years for a reason - they know how to deliver.