PC exclusive Hard Reset wraps classical play in a beautiful shell -

Many games have tried to nail the visual aesthetic of Blade Runner, a movie that all but defined the look of the future for many fans of science fiction. Hard Reset is the first game that creates the futuristic, vertically oriented dystopia in a way that feels both real and natural.

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ATi_Elite3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Totally shocked that this is a PC Exclusive. i swore this was coming out on the consoles too!

cuz you know how they love teh shootaz!!!

anyway gonna put this on my to do list cause so far it looks good.

BeastlyRig3607d ago

I wouldn't feel like a classic pc game on consoles.

evrfighter3607d ago

hope they keep this game low key until close to release. too much hype for games with unknown variables can be disastrous.

solar3607d ago

totally agree evr. plus it seems damn cool. have a bubble mate :)

pr0digyZA3607d ago

Hope word of mouth gets it to a lot of people though. Quiet launch but high returns.

steve30x3607d ago

Duke Nukem Forever shows that Classical game play doesnt work any more. There will be so many complaints abouty how much the game fails even if its a great game.

NuclearDuke3607d ago

Duke Nukem Forever isn't Classical Gameplay???? It's overhyped newtrash with little interesting content.

TheIneffableBob3607d ago

DNF had regenerating health and two-gun limit. Maybe classical level design, but definitely not classic gameplay.

thebudgetgamer3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

looks pretty interesting. i love how the bright colors pops out against the background. i also love the fact that their focusing on the single player and it's not just an after thought.