RAGE is like the more eager, determined and less patient younger brother of Fallout 3

RAGE releases amidst a slew of first person shooters and in the wake of a number of great games that feature a post apocalyptic setting.

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Septic2849d ago

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jony_dols2849d ago

Rage has been in development for 7 years.
When iD first started work on Rage, Bethseda's Oblivion was still 2 years away from release. And Fallout was 4 years away!

If anything Fallout 3 is Rage's little brother!

AfricanWoolf2849d ago

Technically not true, Tech5 has been in development for 7 years.

RAGE itself was started at more or less the same time as Fallout 3 and Borderlands.

Your point still stands though, they were started at the same time.

I think the article is talking more in terms of pace and attitude though.

Either way, dumb article. Both are\will be great games and putting them in a V.S. competition is pointless.

AntoineDcoolette2849d ago

Eh what exactly is wrong with the title? Rage and Fallout 3 are both open world post apocalyptic themed games and RAGE is FPS first and RPG second while FO3 is RPG first and FPS second. Sounds accurate to me.

RaidensRising2849d ago

This is a day one purchase for me.I've read several previews now and there's very few negatives.

This is going to be a top quality game and I like the fact that it's more action slanted than RPG.

AfricanWoolf2849d ago

Regardless of its focus, RAGE is (by all accounts that I've read or seen) going to be an outstanding AAA game.

I don't want another Fallout 3, I have Fallout 4 for that. I want RAGE.

Sub4Dis2849d ago

fallout 4 could stand to be a bit more intense and polished in the combat department.

xtremegamerage2849d ago

Rage has been in development for 6years.

Carmack said it himself,lol.

andron2849d ago

Sounds good to me. Let's shoot things...

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