Stream Videos on Your 360 Without Media Center

Finally, gamers can unleash all of their PC-canned porn onto their televisions. Reader Cainrok points out that Media Player 11 will support video playback from PC to Xbox 360 without the need of a Media Center Edition computer.

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Boink5869d ago

there will be MANY happy 360 owners with this news.

I have media center, so no biggie, but 360 fans have wanted this for some time now.

Dusk5869d ago

I think the 360 dashboard still needs an update for this to work, so I guess we'll have to wait for the fall update.

shotty5869d ago

Ya I agree, a dash update is needed to enable this, because it opens up media center on the xbox 360 and starts searching for media center computers. It's nice though, I really want to press the media center button on my xbox 360 DVD remote (people with the remote will know what I'm talking about) It's a unique clear button that feels somewhat gel like.

tom15955869d ago

its not gel like you silly nong. its stupid though, NZ and ozzy get bloody REMOTES instead of the headset you yankees get:(

ironwolf5869d ago

I have to run XP Pro on my systems because my home network is a full domain. This will be great until Vista launches.

Boink5869d ago

anyone try it? it may just incorporate the media extender feature into media player 11, and therefore not need a dashboard update.

still nice to know it's coming for folks that don't have media center:)

DG5869d ago

Its about [email protected]#$%!& time! Hurry up MS. Now only if I can use it as a PVR there would be no need for a PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.