What The Manhunt 2 Furor Missed - The Most Important Cut

MTV's Stephen Totilo writes: "The cut I'm referring to isn't the removal of a scene of genital mutilation to get the game its M-rating. Nor is it the oft-cited blurring of the game's execution scenes. It's the scoring system."

"It's the system that tallied a better number for me if I had behaved more brutally, displaying the figures on a screen that appeared between each level of the game.

It's a system that was in the first M-rated Manhunt but is absent from the M-rated version of the sequel.

Let's be clear: it's the system that incentivized increased virtual brutality and was cut from the version that was too hot for retail."

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Sam Fisher4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Come on the scoring system thats retarded.... i liked it when the guy was like "ooo yeah u turning me on" after killing sum1 brutally it brought humour....... o ..... i ...see, they put killing as a fun thing in manhunt 1, but still atleast take out on psp dl or sumthing

"When I played the M-rated “Manhunt 2″ I was a gentler murder"
HUH???!!! how can u be a gentler murder... UR A F***ING MURDER

Enigma_20994088d ago

You're complaining and b*tching about the game... and yet, you bought it... who held the gun to your head?