Media Create Hardware Sales 10/29 - 11/4

DSL 78,552
PSP 59,714
Wii 37,617
Xbox360 17,673
PS3 17,434
PS2 10,209
GC 155
GBM 113
DS 45

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BLaZiN PRopHeT4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

so is this the start of a trend? i looked at what the 360 has for the end of the year and they could be sitting around the 10k market in November/December each week.

Edit: @2 what about Lost Odyssey?

TANOD4088d ago

every X360 being bundled with FORZA 2 and VIVA PINATA.

the x360 had a price cut of 5000 yen and AC6.

However expect ps3 to outsell x360 by atleast 10:1 next week /week after since 40 g drops on 11/12 nov . DW5 and R&C would be launched on the same day of 11/12 NOV.

HS follows a week later . Heavenly Sword already has a pre-order of 35000 copies in Japan

Disappointing sales for wii and SMG though.

IS wii a FAD?

I believe so . As for x360 the boost is temporary and probably wont last next week where it comes back to 3000 mark

cooke154088d ago

Wii is a fad yet sales have gone up 4 weeks in a row? how does that make sense? lol

hazeblaze4088d ago

Well no... it won't last but I doubt it will drop back below 3k in just a week. We'll see though. Regardless, I think it is impressive that they were able to boost sells that much. And it will boost again when Lost Odyssey comes out. Unfortunately, I don't think there will be much momentum for the system after Lost Odyssey.

As for the PS3... I'm not sure it will see much of a boost in Japan until Dec. All in all, the PS3 will do well this holiday but probably won't see a consistent surge in sales (meaning anything near Wii numbers) until the release of MGS4 & LBP.

Snukadaman4088d ago

dam you ever do something productive other then worry about ps3 and their numbers...

Ignorant Fanboy4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

I thought the same thing.

When nasim posts, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Tanod: Joined N4G 22 Hours ago.

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sonarus4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

i doubt it. Only exclusive game they have left is mass effect and the effect of that will be short lived in japan. Ace combat really played out well for msoft i dnt remember them selling this much even with eternal sonata

Wasnt lost odyssey pushed back to next yr?

Spike474088d ago

when does the ps3 price drop become effective.

this is exactly what I mean, if the ps3 can just keep sales close to the 360 in amerca,it will do just fine.

cause it outsells the 360 in almost all other countries.

basically the 360 won last montlhy hardware sales because halo3, and halo3 did most of the damage in Amercia where the difference in sales were more than 70k I think.

OatLoops4088d ago

White 40 GB PS3 comes out this Sunday.

Meus Renaissance4088d ago

Logically speaking its foolish to claim this will be the start of a trend. Naturally, the additional price cuts coupled with the bundling of the console with one of the most popular titles in Asia will no doubt cause a significant boost in sales.

Historically the console used to sell 1-3K a week, so this is almost a x6 time fold in those sales. I'm sure it'll sell well but I expect this figure to decrease over time, and certainly lag behind Sony with their pending price cut on their machine.

Still a fantastic week for Microsoft.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4088d ago

from what ive read sony's price cut is already in affect. only thing is they 40 GB launches next week and R&C comes out.

and i asked a question didnt make a statement.

Meus Renaissance4088d ago

The new price hasn't been implemented yet as far as I'm aware, and if so, we should look at the sales figures of that because the price cut was definitely not in effect during the week in question in regards to this article.

JokesOnYou4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

both consoles recently had a price drop, and when did either Forza or Viva Pinata become 1 of the most popular titles in Asia?

ps3 price drop Oct 17th
360 price drop Oct 22nd

I know many sonykids wish these #'s weren't true, but the reality is what it is, yes micro sales are almost certain to decline but you can't downplay the fact that this is BIG NEWS, especially after so many sonykids have laughed at how miserable micro's sales are in Japan, when its all but written in stone that japanese DO FAVOR homegrown consoles based on their pride in their countrys legacy when it comes to the videogame industry and their much different tastes. yeah, 360 fans are smart enough to know that this doesn't mean all over sudden 360 is going to take over japan, but its a big step in the right direction and now the naysayers are eating sh!t now, this IS japan after all, the ps3 was EXPECTED/PREDICTED by most (sony, sonyfans, and many many industry analysts) to take the lead in the US by now, but no one ever even considered micro could come close much less win a week in Japan, and nobody can deny that at the very least sony has to be a little embarrassed.

Excuse me for finding it just a lil bit funny and laughing at sonykids who have called for micro to "give up" in Japan, like I've always said they don't need to win in Japan (obviously they wont) but its still worth a good laugh when something like this "slaps" sonykids in the face=


andy0014088d ago

It is amazing how some people seem to always post just half of the facts.

The 20GB PS3 in Japan had a price cut on October the 17th, but the new 40GB white PS3 will release on 17th November at a price LOWER than the 20GB PS3. It is more than likely that there are no stocks of 20GB around and even if there are then many clever buyers will be waiting for the November price drop.

The exact same thing happened in the UK and also in the US. The 360 sales in Japan are simply because of the new bundle deal and because of Ace Combat. This is great news for MS, but if they can't follow that up with other games, then the momentum will be lost and they will drop down in sales again.

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solar4088d ago

everyone sold a lot of ? marks last month...

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