DC Universe Online rolling out MegaServers starting Monday, August 8

Sony Online Entertainment is combining the 26 servers of DC Universe Online into two Playstation 3 MegaServers and 2 PC MegaServers to get more people playing the superhero MMORPG together. The developers announced the plans a few months back and have now dropped the details on when and how it will happen.

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mafiahajeri2846d ago

The beta was fun but I cant see myself paying a monthly sub because I wont be playing it that muc to warrant the money. I hope it goes free to play though will defeinetly check it out then.

Micro_Sony2846d ago

I agree with you. Starting Sep its going to be one busy year for gaming.

I really dont get how World of Warcraft players can play that one game 24-7 with all of these great games coming out.

guitarded772846d ago

Yeah, I was debating picking it up with a gift certificate I got for my b-day, but $15 a month is too much. If it was free to play I'd be in, in a heartbeat. I played the beta, but didn't see the value of the monthly fee.

thebudgetgamer2846d ago

these servers go to eleven.

P_Bomb2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Excellent move but loooong overdue. Game was incredible the 1st month with super high traffic. Randomly joining 15 people fighting Killer Frost amidst the Omacs was just some of the random fun in walking around.

Packed home bases, bounties VS Dr Fate, Solomon Grundy and Kilowog will actually be do-able again. Unfortunately I let my subscription expire, lol. I'll probably renew for 1 month just to see it & give the game a proper farewell b4 going into the busy fall season.

Bolts2846d ago

This game is a ghost town now.

ElementX2846d ago

I bought the game, played it for a few weeks, then canceled. Unfortunately I forgot to cancel before my free month expired, so I ended up paying for a month I never used. The gameplay was repetitive, the graphics were boring, and I didn't actually feel as though I had super powers. It was a "meh" experience.

Micro_Sony2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

The day the make a super hero MMO that feels and looks like Batman AA then they can have my money.

ElementX2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

I fully agree. I don't know why I got so many disagrees. At least BAA had gadgets, stealth, and a feeling that you were powerful. DCUO felt like you could choose any powers and do anything, no regard to specific powers granting you different quests. You just run really fast or fly to the next crime scene. It felt really lame to me. There were no custom quests for flying heros or super speed heroes (that I could find, anyway).

evrfighter2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Micro that is indeed an interesting pov. The problem with current superhero games is that you have too much powers. as you level boss fights are the only challenge until you figure out what to do or you're just geared where you can tank and spank.

I'd prefer a challenging mmo -_- even ToR has this problem.

The only mmo I ever felt was challenging was ffxi and pre BC WoW. both of which both went the casual route and now mmo's are just straight boring.

xyxzor2846d ago

Each server I tried was dead. This game will be too far dead before they finally make the decision to go free-to-play.

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The story is too old to be commented.