Microsoft to offer 500 free points and Panasonic 32" LCD TV in India

Microsoft will give away 500 Microsoft points to each of the first five hundred Xbox Live India Gold subscribers with a minimum of 12 month activation. This Xbox Live special offer will end on December 5th, 2007. The lucky five hundred Gold subscribers will receive an email from Microsoft after December 5th, and the email will contain a 16-digit code to unlock the 500 free points.

Microsoft is also partnering up with Panasonic to offer "The Super Stylish Super Saver Offers," which includes an Xbox 360 Core, two bundled games (Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Piñata,) and a Panasonic 32" LCD TV - all for 49,990 rupees (US$1,275). That is a saving of 24,000 rupees ($615) off buying them separately in India.

(via Xuecast on November 7, 2007)

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Bathyj4089d ago

Why dont they bundle them with Bravias?

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

OOG FunK4089d ago

lol when I hear the word rupies all I can picture is them paying with little gems and jewels bahahahahaha o how games have made me retarded

MakgSnake4088d ago

Nothing can be bought ... with 500 MSpoints. Thats pointless. Unless you buy the 400MS XBLA games.

MS is retarted. Give em alteast 800 MS points so they can get their hands on Geometry wars and stuff like that.

INDIA is a market of Piracy......... it will be really hard to sell LEGIT XBOX360s and LEGIT games which costs 3000 Rupees... which is alot in india.

A middle class person makes around 12000 Rupees Monthly. And would never ever give out 3000 for a game.

360 in INDIA is only for Film Stars and HIGH END people......who have way too much money to burn. Business Tycoon's sons and nephews.

But its good to see atleast .... MS is trying to market it in INDIA.