Why HD Collections are Doing More Harm Than Good

PlayStation LifeStyle: "High definition “collections” have been all the rage lately, with a plethora of developers “remastering” some of the most beloved games of generations past. There are a number of older titles that many gamers missed out on for whatever reason, and providing the consumer with the opportunity to experience the magic that they missed out on several years ago is absolutely fantastic. A prime example in this case would be the Team ICO Collection, which packs together two of the most highly regarded PS2 titles. Both of these games didn’t get a whole lot of attention at release and, as such, many gamers didn’t get a chance to experience the unique artistic approach to gameplay and design that has yet to be seen in another game since."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2848d ago

I don't see how it can do harm if all it's doing is upscaling the games to HD and adding trophies. It's a plus and nothing to be frowned upon, sure maybe you bought the game before but you don't have to rebuy, you can let people that never played the series give it a shot.

vickers5002848d ago

"If gamers really would like to experience these games, they’re better off playing them in their original form, the format in which they were intended."

Actually the collections are probably a hell of a lot more closer to what the developers of these remakes intended. I don't think most developers intended their games to run at slow frame rates, look blurry and have jagged edges.

That was just what they had to deal with, but it's not what they intended. What they intended, was more along the lines of their game running without a hiccup and looking as good as they made it (without the older hardware holding them back). I claim that we are experiencing the TRUE versions of these games in their most pure forms with the remakes, not bogged down by weak hardware.

evrfighter2848d ago

lol next-gen they are once again gonna be fooling you console gamers into buying the 1080p version of ps3 games..what's funny is

you chumps will fall for it lol

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Christopher2847d ago

@evrfighter: You do know Sony isn't the only one releasing HD remakes, right? In fact, third-party HD remakes and even a Halo remake are available or going to be available on the 360.

Here's what I don't get. Some people buy the games they love on multiplatforms because they love them and some because they've never experienced them. I own a few games on my DS that I played on the SNES, for example. Yet, when someone re-releases a game, which is going to happen anyway since people still want to play good games regardless of their age, in HD, it's a chump move to buy them?

How about this evrfighter, you enjoy what you buy and let others enjoy what they buy. No need for you to act all high and mighty about how others spend their money.

DaTruth2847d ago

I have never purchased a collection and only plan on buying Ico/SotC collections because I never played SotC and only played Ico once through and my friend sold it.

I will buy other ones on a case by case basis, most likely if I haven't played them before, like Splinter Cell. But I've own all the MGS's, except 3, so I am leaving that until it hits the bargain bin... I've waited this long!

damnyouretall2847d ago

harm? how? i need the team ico collection cause ive never played them. even the splinter cell one makes me want to play them again. good times. sorry if you dont agree, so please spend my money for me the way you see fit, cause im just too fkn stupid

Electroshocked2847d ago

''While Team ICO may not be working on the collection directly, other internal development studios are busy taking the time to spruce up the graphics and add 3D support. I would much rather see these guys direct their efforts in a different direction, namely to work on a new project, rather than pour their time into games that are over five years old''

This gives internal development studios more experience, and therefore they are most likely going to create a much better project than without the experience. Take Sanzaru Games for example, I doubt that they'd be doing such a great job with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time if it wasn't for there experience with The Sly Trilogy.

gamingdroid2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Although you make a good point about what the developer intended, problem is most likely it isn't even the original team that is bringing it back so what was intended is long lost.

Ways this can hurt the industry:

- more resources put into remakes
- shrinks the market for new games

That said, it probably negligible and doesn't doom the industry anymore than sequels doom new IPs. We still get new IPS don't we?

One could also argue, this might mean more money to re-invest for developers... as long as we don't get a flood of them it is fine and technically speaking it is great value. Usually 2-3 games for the less than $50.

CameronL992847d ago

The idiot who wrote this retarded uneducated article needs to be banned from blogging on PSlifestyle anymore. I've never seen a dumber article with even dumber points made in it, what an asshole - of course smaller upstart game developers could use the experience working with a console by doing a port. Does this guy not know that SOME PEOPLE JUST GOT INTRODUCED TO GAMING THIS GENERATION AND NEVER PLAYED ANYTHING ON PS2???? This concept called "new gamers" is something privy only to those with more than one working brain cell, which the author has clearly missed. Apparently a 40 dollar HD colection with better frame rate, higher resolution and smoother gameplay is more expensive and less value than buying a whole other system used on amazon, and then going after the 2 or 3 games in the collection on amazon or ebay, paying shipping fees, and then getting an experience with worse graphics and framerate. Unbelievably stupid.

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alexcosborn2848d ago

As long as they don't attempt to serve the place of core titles (like the 3DS) it's not a problem. But when Nintendo thinks that Star Fox and Zelda ports are reason enough for consumers to pick up their new handheld, they're sorely mistaken

Peaceful_Jelly2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

the harm is in the downfall of emulation for the sake of reselling the same games you already have. Not all games get an HD treatment so with the passing of time it'll be much harder to play certain old games without emulation when your old ass console die because it's too old.

Abriael2848d ago

Usual lopsided semi-flamebait argument to fill up a page with nothing.

There's nothing wrong or "harmful" about HD remakes. No one is held at a gunpoint to buy them anyway. As usual the customer decides.

alexcosborn2848d ago

it's harmful because many people feel compelled to buy them, increasing the demand for them and in turn increasing the amount of focus that has been placed upon them. these collections are still relatively new to the industry, just think of how out of control it could get as time goes on. plus, this reinforces Sony to put their efforts in supporting these collections rather than bring these titles to the PSN

Bull5hifT2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

It does Harm Because sony could easily put Backwards Compatibility is PS4 but Might Opt Out for the Business, of selling you Your games Back Again for the Simple Comfort of Only Using your Ps4 for everything, and They Get To Keep Selling PS3's after the PS4 gets Released cause the PS4 happens to Not have The Cell or something & sony again doesnt want to Put A Cell in the PS4 cause its too costly for them Yatta yatta, i cant have a ps1,ps2,ps3,Ps4infiniti hooked up to play specific games , my Wall socket would Blow out, there'd be Outages every other day ,, its annoying ....... Disagree' I Really Dont Give A **** im not some mindless zombie hooked on the Media willing to shell out my hard earned Cash , let them rape me' All differnt Angles>>>>> things like this make me wish id invested in PC gaming from long ago , id still be able to run Gta 3 with Crysis 4 Graphics, with sum FREE mods

videoxgamexfanboy2847d ago

Umm...have u ever heard of a period? Just sayin.

firelogic2848d ago

Totally agree. How are consumers getting nickel and dimed? No one is forcing us to buy these collections. Also, the time and resources put into these collections are recouped from game sales. AND the development houses handling most of these collections really aren't good enough to be making big budget titles. They are however competent enough to clean up existing code.

MostJadedGamer2848d ago

Its terrible because the industry is getting so boring, stale, stagnant with very little innovation. HD collections just contribute to the problem.

nnotdead2847d ago

100% agree. i like them because i missed out on a lot of great games from last gen because i wasn't gaming all that much, but this allows me to play some great series that i missed. it is almost like going and buying a trade paperback instead of going back and trying to find each copy of a comic series.

i only see a problem if every gen they keep bring up old collection to their next system. like if they brought the sly collection back for the PS4. if they instead bring a Sucker Punch collection for the PS4 with all Sly and Infamous games for cheaper than new game price, that would be nice for people who missed those or just want to replay them.

NewZealander2847d ago

classics have been a great thing for me, i never played any of the god of war games back in the ps2 days, now ive had the option to play them in HD, and in doing so ive become a fan of the franchise and also bought god of war 3, same goes for the sly collection, three great games i missed out on, now im all caught up and looking forward to the new sly game.

im also looking forward to the ico collection, i sold my collectors edition of ico, damn i regret that, and ive never played shadow of the colossus.

and the silent hill collection, ive played both games but they are two of my all time faves, again i sold my collectors edition SH2, and fully regret it.

and finally the god of war psp collection, cant wait for this one!

i would love a starwars battle frount collection.

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Trexman892848d ago

the idea of remakes and remastering has been around for a while. Sure, it's bad if a developer spends most of their time remaking old games, but most of them don't do that. Even if they wanted to, only the really big name titles like God of War and shadow of the colossus can do it and make good money. Sony has previously said that they don't want to get in the habit of remaking all of their franchises, and for now I believe them.

LOGICWINS2848d ago

Most don't, but too many do IMO.

Ocarina of Time 3DS, Goldeneye, Mortal Kombat 1 2 and 3, GOW1, GOW2, RE4/Code Veronica HD, GOW Origins. SF4 Arcade Edition, SF43D, Perfect Dark, Tomb Raider 1 2 and 3, Sly Trilogy, Splinter Cell, ICO/Shadow of the Colossus, Snake Eater 3DS, Mario Land 3DS, MGS Collection etc.

Urrakia342848d ago

So what was the point of you listing all those remakes/collections?

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2847d ago

LOGIC: Why are you making a big deal out of this? I've never played Metal Gear Solid 1-3, never played the first and second God of Wars so I like the fact I can play remastered versions of those games.

No one's spoon feeding the remakes. You don't like them? DON'T BUY THEM.

Wow, this generation of gamers will complain about everything and anything.

jujubee882848d ago

He must have used a very thin blade. Yeah, way to thin.

Thanks for that, "sitebot" above this (currently) pending story. XD

JonnyBigBoss2848d ago

I don't mind the HD collections when they're for big games like God of War or the Team ICO titles.

Theswweet2848d ago

There is nothing wrong with HD-collections, if done in moderation. I didn't have a PS2, so the Sly Collection was a steal for me.