Sony Patents Gesture Based Controls for Vita

Sure, you can use the ten buttons, the two analog sticks, the two multitouch touch pads or the SixAxis to control the PlayStation Vita, but what if you don’t want to touch your lovely new handheld? You could use your voice, or you could simply wave your finger.

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Valay2850d ago

This could actually be really interesting...

doctorstrange2850d ago

I could see it being used for a menu, or drawing something

Electroshocked2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Or it could be used like this:

Well, like the part where he controls the UI with his fingers.

Edit: I want an EU release date for this thing already.

BattleAxe2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I think they could have a "Gesture Based Game Rating System" on the PSN like this:

"How did you like this game?"

"(A) Thumbs Up"

"(B) Middle Finger Up"

lonix2850d ago

Now all you need is vr glasses and a glove

And you can have ari from heavy rain

miyamoto2850d ago

How a bout a Naruto game which uses those ninjutsu hand gestures and voice commands?

SilentNegotiator2849d ago

Well, if gesture movement can take care of the Z-movement that the touchscreen can't...

Then again, the trackpad did pretty cool things with the LBP demo that was like z-plane movement.

But the more options the merrier.

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Micro_Sony2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Pic No1 looks like a tissue box

Pic No2 looks like a wong going forward

Pic No3 looks like sperm swimming

Pic No4 looks like some one is watching you while you make use of the tissue box

doctorstrange2850d ago

Have an... active imagination

tarbis2850d ago

you got a very vivid imagination XD

Bull5hifT2850d ago

So Like If Your Smiling Your SackBoy does too, If You Itch Your Sacks Boy gets Crabs ... So on and so forth, Id like to see some kinda simple 3d using head tracking like that asian guy did with the Wii Mote, like your around a corner hiding behind cover and you move to the side to view more around the corner... Cheat codes , Flare Nostril, Blink left, Blink Right, Mean Face, look left..... GAWD mode unlocked

BeastlyRig2850d ago

Move a part of you body a certain way & we can sue your ass!

Boss status!

gamingdroid2850d ago

I see, when Kinect does it with a hand it's useless, but when Vita does it with a finger, it could be interesting!

nycredude2850d ago

How the fuck is it that you have 7 bubbles?!

THis site is bullshit.

Bull5hifT2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I Know Huh, He Musta Sucked Alot Of K**C ... Ive noticed alot of Xbox Fanboys Migrating here from Kotaku... Guess it's time to look for a New FAIR site' Haa ha Micr$oft Came By the offices today , with a $20 bill' Bann all People Praising The PS3 , Get 83 Xbots and Promote them to Chairmen CEO of N4G give em 50 Stars Or let them make up what ever Rules the Want...

dgonza402850d ago

You dont need 6-12 feet to wag your finger.. and kinect cant even tack finger movement yet..
kinect is "useless" for small living rooms and apartments, which is quiet a bit of bs considering how much it cost imo.
The vita on the other hand makes it interesting because it's a handheld.

Essentially you are comparing apples to oranges, vita is a portable system and the kinext is an accessory. I dont know why you're making this comparison.

MasterCornholio2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )


Remember when Microsoft launched Kinect in japan. They were giving out these measuring tapes that were suppose to represent the minumum distance of Kinect. Then it turns out that they were shorter than the Minumum.

That was pretty funny.


"At first glance the measure is only 90cm's (2.3 feet) in length which is way too short for kinect to work. If the customer flips over the measuring tape they'll see that they have to use 2 lengths of the measuring tape to get their measurements. "

MaxXAttaxX2850d ago

Are you serious? You only focused on the word "gesture".

There's a difference between flailing your limbs in the air and advanced touch-screen controls.

You're comparing a camera with a handheld gaming system with buttons.

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ConstipatedGorilla2850d ago

Or it could be really useless like all of the other gimmicky control schemes out today.

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doctorstrange2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

This gets off the drawing board and becomes something real. I'm guessing the tech is there, at least for one finger tracking.

Edit, below:

Yeah, definitely

SpaceSquirrel2850d ago

The finger tracking will lead to a lot of interesting ideas

kneon2850d ago

I don't see how this is any better than using the touch screen, aside from fewer smudges.

T3mpr1x2850d ago

Minority Report on the go!

doctorstrange2850d ago

Only problem is, this can only really be done with one hand - the other holding the Vita.

T3mpr1x2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

So soon you can finger your Vita while wagging your Wiimote and shouting orders at your submissive Kinect. We all know what the Move looks like... This is a sexy generation of consoles.

stormeagle62850d ago

Who the hell disagreed with this?!

elmaton982850d ago

All 3 in one place, that will be great.

insertcoin2850d ago

Hehe... insert "fingering joke" here.

Wait... insert finger... damn, I did it already!

Micro_Sony2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Billy come eat your dinner

One sec mom I am touching sack boy.

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