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I have dingle-berries that play drums better than Neil Peart does.

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That was my first thought.

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LOL @ Anchorman reference.

OT, I can't wait to play this game. I let the first one pass me by. I heard it was awesome though.

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"Yeah, she may not be the prettiest girl but she'll put out on the first date!"

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Persistantthug2844d ago

Borderlands was enjoyable to me (eventually), but the story was pretty dumb.

Surely they can do better with that.

DarkFantasy2844d ago

yeah it should of been called boringlands. very lame and boring story.

NewMonday2843d ago

story was the major letdown in the first game, i hope the developers take note and improve the narrative a lot.

rabidpancakeburglar2844d ago

Glad that there will be a 4 person car, there's nothing more soul destroying than when you are in co-op with a couple of other people and they get in a car and you have to drive on your lonesome

Kewl_Kat2843d ago

4-person car? that reminds me of this scene

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can you transfer.. your characters and stats over level guns?..... That would sell me on this

WittyAdrian2843d ago

I sincerely doubt it. If you read the list, one of the items mentioned is "Apparently there won’t be any old weapons", another is "Skill tree will be similar to the first game".
So if old guns wont be returning, its quite impossible to transfer your old guns to the new game. And the skill tree will be 'similar' to the first game, so not exactly the same, but similar. Which makes transferring your skills quite impossible as well.

AfricanWoolf2843d ago

Beautifully said. Eloquent and succinct. (I realised as I wrote this that you can't tell if I'm being sarcastic, I'm not.)


showtimefolks2843d ago

i spent 150-200hrs into borderlands and that was playing alone at my own pace and with a bad story

improve the story which they have said they learned a lot from and dlc have better stories

more weapons and more varied weapons. If possible let us create our own weapons than upload to borderlands servers to sell to other users for in game currency

In game currency should mean something i had unlimited amount of money and nothing to buy?????A MAJOR NO NO

skill tree needs to improve maybe an overhaul

and a better world with living breathing cities and NPC

can't wait hopefully fall 2012

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wumster2844d ago

The first Borderlands was the shizniddle-bam-shnitzzle.

Micro_Sony2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I really enjoyed the first game too.

Was I the only one who got a glitch that your ammo never ran out? It happened to me when I was helping the old man gets his liquor.

I feel bad that I took advantage of it and passed the game with infinity ammo for all my weapons : (

JakemanPS319942844d ago

I don't think it really matters.i would rarely ever run out of ammo so it was like had Infinite to

Micro_Sony2844d ago

True - I hope the fix that in part 2 and make ammo scarce.

Also some of the levels you could basically just run through them and collect what ever you got to collect with out fighting anything or any one. I ran through the final level leading to the vault with out dieing. The need to fix that as well.

slaton242844d ago

no glitch it was a perk like refilling health did ammo as well

AfricanWoolf2843d ago

Borderlands is the shizgazizzle-boombang-bazingaz izzlefoofizzle.

*high fives*

WhiteLightning2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

"Vault Hunters from the first game will be NPCs"'s not set 200 years later, what was the point of new characters, they could of given us more of a choice in what character we picked by adding onto the exsisting characters or let us imported them from our old save data.

Were going to have characters with roughly the same classes as the old characters....I think it was pretty pointless to be honest.

MrSpace2844d ago

Especialy since they are given the new characters better "Interacting dialogue for players" when they could added better character development for the old characters.

I mean Salvador is basicaly Brick...

It's like what happened with L4D2, you already had 4 amazing charatcers and they give us bland red necks for the sequel and then decide to kill Bill off in the old survivors basicaly putting a final nail in the coffin for the old characters to return...I mean they could but without Bill.

I want to play as Lilith. If this was set 200 years later for when the Vault opened up again then fair enough but why not let the old Vault hunters go off on new adventures.

zerox5052844d ago

you do realize bill's voice actor is dead


palaeomerus2844d ago

Gunzerker can dual wield. Sounds pretty much like a new class to me.

KingDustero2843d ago

Well it appears that the story isn't going to be about the vault then. Unless there is some time traveling in the game or something.

Also please explain how Salvador is anything like Brick. Just because they have the same basic look doesn't mean they have the same abilities.

Could Brick dual wield weapons?

Also this way we can learn more about the characters from the past game since they'll be NPCs that we can talk to.

TenSteps2843d ago

Brick's fists are his weapon so yes he can dual wield...

but I know what you mean.

WhiteLightning2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

To anyone who's whining saying

How is he like Brick

Brick couldn't dual wield

What just because Brick couldn't dual wield he's NOTHING like new improvment that's all he has... but at the end of the day he still will play like Brick

Just because the new guy can dual wield it's a new class....ok then ¬¬

If Brick was in this game I bet he could dual wield since it's a new feature.

KingDustero2843d ago

Lol no.

So just because ONE ability has been mentioned for Salvador means that you know EVERYTHING about him? Brick was about fists and rockets. This guy doesn't use either. He is the ONLY character in the game that can dual wield weapons. That isn't even his action skill.

You seem to think you know a lot about the game.

How about you tell me how many other playable characters there are and what abilities they have.

Otherwise stop stating things as if they are fact. Gearbox would create a new character if he was just going to be a copy/paste of another.

WhiteLightning2843d ago

LOL ....Mate please stop coming off sounding like a prick because your just going to make yourself look like a troll trying to start arguments. Well you could be, maybe that's how you've went down to two bubbles.

"You seem to think you know a lot about the game.

How about you tell me how many other playable characters there are and what abilities they have.

Otherwise stop stating things as if they are fact. Gearbox would create a new character if he was just going to be a copy/paste of another. "

Never said I did know everything but it's pretty obvious that it's brick with a load of new improvments. IF brick was in this game THAT'S how he would be Class wise, that would be HIS improvment

Now Shut up troll and go away

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Bay2844d ago

How about more varied environments, eh?