Yes, The Uncharted Demo Is Region Locked

If you're in the PAL or Asian territories, you may have discovered that your 1.2 GB download of the brand new Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo won't @!#?@!ing play on your PlayStation 3.

Kotaku contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America who confirmed that the US version "does not allow for cross-region play" and that "the Japanese and PAL demo will both be released soon.

KS19856094d ago

How long, cause if this S##t keeps up, I'm considering buying an Xbox 360, sure some console still suffer Red Eye, but there game and demos come out, on time.

ruibing6094d ago

It's just a demo, what's the big deal? EU get Singstar earlier than the US, so I don't know why they are complaining.

hazeblaze6094d ago

Their demo did come out on time you nitwit! Europe was not supposed to receive it today. The U.S. was and did! It's freakin awesome. Just be patient and wait for it. You guys have alway gotten games later than we have (since the N64 & PS1), you should be used to it by now so get over it.

b777conehead6094d ago

unchartered is going to be released in the us first why not get the demo first. you will get the demo soon

MK_Red6094d ago

WTF!? PS3 games were supposed to be region free or at least their demos were.

Ghoul6094d ago

yeah its awefull isnt it :(

pwnsause6094d ago

i think the reason why they locked it is because of the high demand of the GT5 JP demo, which means the store was getting slow.

daflint6094d ago

Hey lets make a console that have a store that differs from city to city, but when we promote it we say its region free. But then we send some demos to city A, and three years later to city B. And when we are in deep crisis due to people not buying it we differs the stores more by making demos region locked.

Shiat, thats a great ideá. Anyone in on it?

hazeblaze6094d ago

Sony said from the very beginning that we're not supposed to d/l content from the stores of other regions.... What's silly is that you guys are getting mad b/c you can't do something that you weren't supposed to be doing in the first place!

lim_ryan6094d ago

asian ps3 can play the demo?

dhammalama6094d ago

I'm in taiwan. It doesn't work for me.