The Question: Are DLC 'season passes' a good idea?

Destructoid - Not content to sell us bits of premium downloadable content, publishers are starting to sell long-term commitments, offering "passes" that allow access to multiple bits of content for a one-time charge. L.A. Noire spearheaded the idea, and Mortal Kombat gave it a go, with THQ looking to follow suit.

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KingSlayer2848d ago

Not being out the expense of Live, I don't have a problem with it. The savings can be passed down to game specific passes. Having a fee on top of a fee plus the expense of the game sucks more than fee plus game cost.

NukaCola2848d ago

I got the Rockstar Pass for LA Noire. I personally think it's cool, but in the end it's just digitally preordering a bundle of content. If you buy $15 dollars of 3 DLCs for $10, and 2 of them suck, then I could see a bit of an issue. I have bought seasonal games before, where you buy it out and it comes in episodes, like Back to the Future for example, so paying ahead is fine.

I guess I sound all jarbled but I think giving the consumer a discount is always a cool thing. Calling it a 'pass' is a bit sketchy just with online passes, it can make gamers think there is a catch.

trainsinrdr2848d ago

Im extremely pissed of at that la noire pass bullsh*t.
I buy the pass thinking oh nice ill get a pass for all the dlc but noooo they have to make more and more just for the extra buck.
When will this bullsh*t end!