Rock Band DLC 'splosion: CCR, Radiohead, Bowie, and more!

If today's news of downloadable Guitar Hero III Velvet Revolver and Foo Fighters track packs got your motor runnin' (on XBLA or PSN, pick your poison) then you're going to blow a gasket reading the below list of Rock Band downloadable tracks, conveniently extracted from the physical pages of this month's OXM magazine and replaced by beautiful digital bits, helpfully transcribed by the good folks at ScoreHero. We're talking 24 confirmed tracks, from 17 monsters of rock. And that's not to mention the other Rock Band DLC we've already been promised, like The Who, Nirvana, and The Grateful Dead.

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Squall L Heart3998d ago

this is good for people who lvoe guitar heroe