[Push-Start] - Spongebob Skate & Surf Roadtrip heading to Xbox 360 Kinect and DS

Remember when THQ signed on to do more Spongebob games? No?... Well I certainly do! Besides being a huge fan of the o-so absorbable anthropomorphic under sea sponge, the games aren't half bad either!

Soon we will be hitting both the surf and the streets with SpongeBob and Patrick for some gnarly boarding escapades.

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BiggCMan2844d ago

Spongebob used to be kick ass 10 years ago. Now it's just crap. Suppose it's not bad for kids and parents though.

Micro_Sony2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Finally a 360 console exclusive muhahahahah

All jokes aside I might get this being that I am a big sponge bob fan.

Here a picture of me and my Sponge Bob boxers.

Edit: Ignore the Soda bottle in the background - I use it as a pee bottle for my long hours of gameplay as no man should have to be interrupted while playing his games.