Dragon Age 2 lead dev: “we stripped some stuff out of DA because it was busted” - PcGamer

Reader, Gavin points us towards an interesting discussion unfolding on the Bioware forums, where lead designer Mike Laidlaw, has been talking to fans about the most controversial changes made to the Dragon Age: Origins formula for Dragon Age 2, saying “I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: we stripped some stuff out of DA becuase it was busted”

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WhiteLightning2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Then why release it, they should of held it back so they could of fixed the "broken" stuff or added new stuff in which felt like DA Origins to fill the holes of the content they cut.

radphil2785d ago


But that would make sense on a quality level. We can't have that going on this gen. We need to have games rushed on timeframes. /sarcasm

Larry L2785d ago

I like Dragon Age 2 as a game. I think it's fine. But Origins was like a perfect 10/10 for me. Compared to that DA2 is like an 8.

But the stuff I miss that was taken out of Origins isn't stuff that was "broken", and even if it is SLIGHTLY broken....WHO CARES?! IMO the only thing "Broken" in Origins was how incredibly over-powered Arcane Warriors could be. BUT IT'S A SINGLE PLAYER GAME!! If I was to play as a friggin GOD, I should be able to. That was my favorite class, and I wanted it back.

The other thing I miss that was taken out is being able to equip my party. How the hell was that broken? What's "broken" is how in DA2 now, I'm collecting tons of awesome armor pieces that would be perfect for my party members, but instead it's just useless junk collecting dust in my storage chest! WTF is that? It makes no sense.

DeadlyFire2784d ago

Could of just fixed it. Even broken elements of first game were elements fans wanted. Broken or not. It made the game right.

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doctorstrange2785d ago

They pissed off the fans, which'll hurt them for a long time.

Urrakia342785d ago

I think they stripped out most of the RPG elements. Lol

da_2pacalypse2785d ago

wow... even after the fact that DA2 got horrible reactions, and Origins got amazing reviews and is still loved to this day, this guy has the nerve to say that RPG's need to be more accessible to new players -_-. In my opinion, that is what mass effect is for, they already dumbed down the mass effect series after they released mass effect 2, can't they just leave dragon age for the hard core?

Apotheosize2785d ago

Like all the elements that made Origins good

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