Rumor: Resident Evil 6 To Be Canon, Launching In 2012

The Official PlayStation Magazine ( UK ) has added more fuel to the rumor mill suggesting that Resident Evil 6 is coming sometime in 2012.

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fluffydelusions2851d ago

Please be more like RE 1-3 and less like 5

J86blum2851d ago

If you mean in theme yes, if you mean controls then no.

RedDead2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

This...Zombies back please and Viruses, Proginator or whatever was crap.

RE4 is the best RE. RE5 is the worst....odd

cervantas, also means it actually happened within the story, for example, you can kill Leon in one of the new ones, if he dies, that is not canon, however it is a fact that Umbrella had teams in there and had Bows in to fight the military, so a certain amount of that game can be considered canon, or for anotehr example, in RE1, you might have only saved Chris at the end or Barry. Your ending was not canon, the official story is they all lived.

So anyway, this just means, RE6 is the next game to continue with the story, it'll probably be either Leon or Clair. There is a canon Cg movie coming out soon as well, I bet it will have some sort of connection like a prequel to the game. Leons in it. Damnation it is called:

WhiteLightning2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Actually the movie could lead up with RE6...his partner in Degeneration COULD BE Billy Coen, Rebbeca chambers could be there aswell if Billy is there you never know

sikbeta2851d ago

It'll be great if they bring back Billy, his ending was so odd, "I'm going to that route, so goodbaye Rebecca... and no one saw him again" XD it's almost the same ending of the RE2 story but animated instead of just images :P

Micro_Sony2850d ago

The controls in RE5 really sucked and felt like a chore - please change this crap CAPCOM.

Also zombies should not be able to ride bikes and shoot AK 47.

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showtimefolks2851d ago

which most would agree is the best RE game and its in HD with trophies and achievements

my only problem is that its 20 bucks so i will wait for a price drop

the new RE game made by slant 6 whoc made the socom game seems good. I always wanted to play a RE game with lots of ammo and health so i guess we will see how that turns out

cervantes992851d ago

I don't mean to sound dense, but what does "Canon" mean?

J86blum2851d ago

Just means it flows in line with the story, and not a side story that has nothing to do with the main characters and such.

Unicron2851d ago

Actually even side stories can be canon. Canon is basically part of the "official timeline" as sanctioned by the creators.

Pozzle2851d ago

In other words, it isn't the reboot we were all dreading. :D

haymoza2851d ago

I swear, I was just googling the word XD

You weren't the only one who didn't know what it meant :-)

WhiteLightning2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Hopefully it will star Leon this time

It is his turn

Chris/Jill, Leon/Claire, Jill/Carlos, Chris/Claire, Leon/Ada, Chris/Sheva....and hopefully Leon and maybe Rebbeca since we havent saw her for ages, Barry is more likley to appear alongside Chris so I guess it leaves Rebbeca more likley to team up with Leon.

Besides I still want Ada to be in it and to find out about the "Organization" she's secretly working for and who told her to switch Weskers sample. I wonder how Ada survived Weskers wrath.

As long as they keep the first half of the game like RE1-3 then it opens up more like RE4 with the merchent and finding treasure to buy/sell/upgrade weapons...I loved that, seeing that little blue flame in the distance...non of this finish the level or die crap to buy something like in RE5, even the inventory system was crap.

Inception2851d ago

As far as i want Leon, but it is time for Claire to show up. Or to be fair, this old time partner must show up. Besides, i never seen some interaction between Ada and Claire.

And yeah, Bary/Rebecca need some appearance too :D

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2850d ago

I agree. Claire needs the spotlight now. She's been outta action too long.

Bloodraid2850d ago

Barry needs a Jill Sandwich.

J86blum2851d ago

I think six will feature a female lead as it is time for one, least cycle wise.

MrSpace2851d ago

Well in Resident Evil Zero Rebecca Chambers was pretty much the lead, Claire was in Code Veronica, Jill was in RE3.

We've had them before.

sikbeta2851d ago

She should be the lead, you start the game with her and play more time with her than Billy, when the ape-zombie attack and he fells, you take control of Rebecca until you find him near the end of the game, anyway, I don't think Leon is going to be in this one, RE4 is everywhere and right after that Degeneration takes places, even if it's not a game, it's considered canon, I think it's time for Billy and/or Rebecca after so long, not holding my breath either, capcom can keep screwing the franchise even more...

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