CVG- Star Trek: Is it set to stun?

We honestly don't know what's more of a surprise: the shock announcement of Star Trek in the first place, or the fact that we've seen it in action for a beefy 20 minutes and it's actually pretty damn good. With more time spent on its pre-production than most studios get to make an entire licensed game from scratch, this isn't just a simple cash-in.

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DanSolo2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Well it is about time a decent Star Trek game was made... I mean it's one of the biggest and longest running series around, has had multiple successful movies, has a very large library of source material, and has almost unlimited potential to make various types of games set like... well anywhere!

Apart from all the trekkies out there just waiting to part with their cash for anything Star Trekky, you have an instantly recognisable brand that if you make a quality game that gets good reviews not for being Star Trek but for being a well made, fun game.... then you should get plenty of sales!

They would probably do well to go along the lines of KOTOR in that it moves away from the established Star Trek things but is just set in the universe.... then at a later date when they have built a successful Star Trek IP and are known for being good games... they can dip into the more well known characters ect!

Maybe aim to make a game like "Elite" from way back, when you could do anything and go anywhere (military, mining, smuggling, trading, ect ect) and join multiple factions, but do it with the massive Star Trek background already in place!

a08andan2848d ago

If you want to play a nice Star Trek game now, go an try Star Trek Online. It was horrible at launch, but they have fixed so much that it nearly can't be considered the same game. It is fun :)

crackerface_whitey2848d ago

I'm not a Star Trek fan but I would like an awesome Star Trek game