When Catherine Ended My Wife Was Proud (StrengthGamer)

Anthony Accinelli of StrengthGamer writes, " Catherine was a game that I was completely afraid to play in front of my wife. Having seen plenty of the game before it's release, I knew it was more a psychology-of-relationships test than anything else."

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beastgamer2846d ago

ha, my girlfriend made me be a true cheater ending, she told me that i'm a bastard because if i was Vincent i would go for Catherine.
I feel bad :(

Xof2846d ago

"...there were moments of legitimate fear for my marriage."

I'm sorry, but if something as paltry as a video game is enough to stress the relationship of a married couple... ya' probably shouldn't be married in the first place!

wiggles2846d ago

Yeah, a video game shouldn't make you fear your relationship.

I played the demo in front of my gf and it was funny making it a little awkward when I erased the "good" text message and put something a little more blunt like "you don't own me." Then looking back and seeing the look on her face.

I don't see how anyone's relationship can be in jeopardy by answering these questions. By the end of the demo, we were contemplating on buying it that night and playing the honest way, or playing the most ridiculous way and messing with poor Vincent.

WillGuitarGuy2845d ago

If you and your wife have known each other for a long time she should know you and shouldn't take decisions made in a game seriously. Sounds like an unhealthy relationship if you had fears for your marriage.