Will Battlefield 3 Blow Modern Warfare Out of the Water?

We all know Call of Duty is the king of first person shooters today but Battlefield has always made a good run for second place. Now, with the next titles of both franchises coming out around the same time, things might be a bit different this time around.

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Dart892846d ago

In everything yes except sales but who cares sales don't mean squat when you're game still looks like from 2007-__-.

Brosy2846d ago

BFBC2 blows COD out of the water, I don't see why BF3 will not as well.

NatureOfLogic2846d ago

I was planning to get both, but with this BF3 and this online pass stuff, It's MW3 only for me.

LOGICWINS2846d ago

@Dart89- I don't know bro. We obviously already know that MW3 will outsell BF3 due to past trends..but if were using that same logic, can't we also predict that MW3 will have better gun customization than BF3 since MW2 had better gun customization than Bad Company 2?

We need to accept that there are things MW3 may have over Battlefield 3 gameplaywise, even though BF3 obviously has better graphics/overall production values.

Pandamobile2846d ago

If you consider the spec ops TACTI-COOL bullsh1t weapon customizations in COD an advantage over BF3.

I don't think anyone really cares that you can't carve your clan tag into the side of your gun.

molsen812846d ago

This is Battlefield 3 the successor to Battlefield 2. This has nothing to do with the Battlefield: Bad Company series. Two different games.

BattleAxe2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )


On consoles BF3 will be pretty much the same as BC2 with 24 players online and smaller maps. Some people think the the graphics on the console version will be a big leap, but I think they're using the tools from BC2, not that its a bad thing because BC2 was a great looking game. The PC version is the true sequal to BF2, although I'm sure it will be a far better and more realistic experience than BF2 was, especially with the feel and the ballistics of the weapons. But I wont be able to judge for myself unless the game gets released on Steam ;)

fluffydelusions2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

If I were to guess I'd say gameplay wise yes but I shall reserve judgement till I play both because MOH was just a mess IMO.

WANNAGETHIGH2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

im buying both.

online for cod mw3

single player for bf3

tunaks12845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

"single player for bf3"

wtf? Why would you get bf3 and not play online?

negative2846d ago

The COD games look like they're from 2007??? LOL! If you agree with Dart89 you're an idiot.


Miiikeyyy2846d ago

It's from an extremely out-dated engine. their graphics can't and haven't changed since cod 4. You're the idiot for not even knowing this.

ambientFLIER2846d ago

MYK - If you think the graphics didn't improve from COD4 to MW2, you need glasses. The game is better looking in every single way. Not a huge leap, but certainly noticeable.

Agent-862846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

My prediction is MW3 will sell better than BF3 on consoles, but BF3 will sell better than MW3 on PC. PC gamers appreciate that the game is being optimized for their platform. COD games have steadily gone downhill on the PC in both quality and player counts (MW1 had 48 on PC....we're down to 18 now). I know which one I'll be playing.

chriski3332846d ago

oh hell yes it will not in sales but who cares we all know battlefield 3 will be a masterpiece

farhad2k82846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Does BF3 beat MW3 in terms of free online play no matter which copy you buy? No.

So you my friend, are wrong.

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CrimsonEngage2846d ago

In quality yes. Maybe not sales but sales doesn't make a good game.

Inside_out2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

. won't in ANY category mentioned in the article and thankfully, I doubt anyone will even remember Battlefield 3 once MW3 goes on sale.

As has been on display since they started their secret beta...the game is a mess and EA running around trying to suppress videos while allowing those they deem fit to stay up is just pathetic. They released a multi-player trailer of the same beta footage but that is OK, that is not alpha and bad. :/

Bringing in Bioware to help with the story is actually quite comical and sadly, just as desperate and shows that Dice is not up to the task to take on COD and Activision and far out matched in this endeavour.

What are you basing your opinion about graphics on??? There is no chance it's on console footage so my guess it's the pre E3 fantasy trailers that no one has even played. Battlefields clunky animations, poor lighting solution and bizarre physics has been on display for weeks now so claiming that anything otherwise is fanboyism at it's worst. This is the next gen engine in the current gen on high PC settings. :o

This is supposedly the high settings PC beta footage but fanboys keep saying that the game will look completely different in 9-10'S the way it's going to look...PERIOD.

@Dart89...yeah, sales don't fanboys like you. Could you imagine if Battlefield had double the sales of would be the only thing you would hear about. Use your imagination tho...MW3 is beyond Battlefield 3...EVERYBODY knows that, even EA-Dice running to the cover of October and 100 million in advertising knows that good and well. COD Elite and the included map packs witha ll of the great features is non-exsitent in Battlefield and clear advantage for MW3 ignored in the OPINION piece. 60 fps is on full display in this rock concert first showing of MW3...just look at the detail and incredible action in this live demo...the sub part with the water, lighting and smoke...just Wow...this is why it will sell millions and millions...

Ser2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

That live demo looked incredibly mundane. Sorry, but I just can't bring myself to get excited for Call of Duty like I did with CoD4.

Swim underwater! Slow-mo breach and clear! Shoot some doods! Escape!

It just looks all too familiar in my opinion.

iamnsuperman2846d ago

Even though what you have said is true, you can say "That live demo looked incredibly mundane" applies very well to BF3. That level they show cased was well meh. It was more of a visual showcase than anything like wow this campaign looks fun.

At the moment I am on the fence because both have shown nothing amazing in the single player department and that is why my top purchases this winter is neither BF3 or MW3.

Ser2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

But see, I disagree...All bias aside, I actually enjoyed watching the tank warfare demo of BF3. There was no action music, no hardcore soldiers with knives in their teeth, just real soldiers taking orders. I just get a kick out of that for some reason...Maybe it's just me. The graphics were flawless too, which is a plus-plus for me.

When comparing BF3 to BF2, there's a HUGE leap in terms of quality, gameplay, and graphics. It's almost overwhelming if you go back and play BF2 for an hour or two.

iamnsuperman2846d ago

" There was no action music, no hardcore soldiers with knives in their teeth, just real soldiers taking orders" but thats not what BF is. BF is still an arcade shooter. Where getting you and your team mates shot is not a huge deal. Its trying to be ARMA but failing at the fundimentals of those kind of shooters which punish you and give you freedom of your attack not a set route. These fundimentals is what make those types of game's single player fun.

Ser2846d ago

Too much ARMA is a bad thing. Too much CoD is a bad thing. I consider BF to be the perfect center of the two styles.

I absolutely do not consider BF titles to be arcade shooters. They just don't play like arcade shooters. I also do not consider BF titles to be war simulators. As I said, it's the perfect middle ground for my tastes and play style.

Agent-862846d ago

@DrakBlack, well said and also my sentiments. I don't like my FPS games too arcadey (COD) or too overly realistic (Arma). The BF series has always been that "just right" game for me.

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JoGam2846d ago

Thanks inside-out for wasting my time. Thought you really had something to say.

MysticStrummer2846d ago

For those that like tactical team based gameplay with depth, BF3 will indeed blow MW3 out of the water. For those that like easy to pick up run and gun gameplay with no teamwork required, MW3 will win. The casual shooter fans outnumber fans of tactical gameplay, so MW3 will win the sales battle either way. Sales have never been, and will never be, an indicator of quality though.

iamnsuperman2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

I guess out of the two BF games are more tactical than COD but to say people who love tactical shooters go for BF is a little dumb. Its still a corridor shooter except the corridors are well much bigger and you have no control over friendly AI. Also online it is easier to make tactical descisions on BF games but who does. Lets not kid our self there is no tactics when it comes to online play. Everyone is doing VC awarding winning runs and doing there own thing with no actual command structure

On a lighter note i agree sales never mean quality.

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