NowGamer - Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Preview

NowGamer - You know, in the early days, we spent so much time looking for the fabled ‘Halo-killer’ that when one finally came along, we didn’t even notice. The Call Of Duty games have unceremoniously dumped Halo down the Xbox Live ‘most played’ rankings and usurped the series in overall sales, but for Microsoft, Halo represents the very reason it can claim such a huge portion of the home gaming market today.

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blumatt2850d ago

Why is there a pic of Halo 4 if this is about Halo:CE? lol Anyway, Halo will forever be MS's Mario, or in other words the game that everyone associates with the Xbox brand.

m232849d ago

Can't wait to replay the campaign again. Playing online co-op with some of my friends who have never played the original will be a blast. Finally all the people who missed the original release will be able to see why everyone else loved Halo:CE so much. This fall will be crazy, in September I pick up Gears 3, October I pick up Forza 4, and then November I get Halo: Anniversary.

Micro_Sony2849d ago

I did not play Halo CE or 2 so looking forward to this because I really enjoyed Halo 3 and kind of enjoyed Reach.

I heard that you can use two guns at the same time in Halo CE - thats going to feel strange.

vishant1012849d ago

Do u mean dual wielding because i don't think you can do it on halo ce because the original didn't have it if you want the feel of it you can always play halo 3.

m232849d ago

Dual wielding was only in Halo 2 and 3.

Shadow02849d ago

7!?? WHAT THE FUCK THERE ARE 19 MAPS!!! agree or disagree idk, but its bullshit that they are only remaking 7 of the 19 maps. I'm not even sure im going to buy this game now, that might be a little overboard, but having all 19 maps was a huge deal for me...

m232849d ago

It's actually only 6 of the maps, 1 of them is a new firefight map. The game is $40, I think you're expecting too much.

Shadow02848d ago

The game is only $40 because its a remake.. and with only 7 maps its not even a complete remake, plus I hate firefight...