Revolutionary Rant: Battlefield 3 Pre-ordering Is a Mess

GR: Easily one of, if not the, biggest releases this Fall is now the most confusing purchase of my life. I'm already guaranteed to get screwed out of some piece of content.

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doctorstrange2851d ago

Completely annoying and infuriating

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ATi_Elite2851d ago

See this is why i DO NOT like EA! Some Gamers wanna just blindly accept Origins and EA plans but as someone who has been Gaming for a LONG LONG TIME I know just how stupid EA is.

All these pre-ordering bonuses is just causing confusion and in the end EA will just resale them all later on down the road thus charging you more money.

It should be just one Pre-Order bonus no matter where you get the game from and not a different bonus per store.....what a friggin mess!! This is only the beginning as EA will make BF3 a horrible experience as they try to rape Gamers wallets.

I wouldn't be surprised if EA Starts charging you per bullet and I know they are waiting to see how COD Elite goes so EA can charge you a monthly fee too.

Impaler2851d ago

Remember BF2 and BF2142 on the PC and how EA "handled" expansions for those games? Fucking greedy assholes

dericb112851d ago

I wish the Super Voucher in Infamous 2 Hero Edition would catch on already. Stores could have a pre order but buyers have the chance to get all pre order DLC in one place.

evrfighter2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

pre-ordering this game is a pain in the ass

for $59 on pc they should be offering all this bs. That said I'll probably go with gamestop. unless I find a $15-$20 promotional credit

Crazyglues2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

yeah this is getting crazy now...

But I think we will get everything in time, meaning as you rank up you get the guns from gamestop.. and maybe all the other stuff too in-time

the early beta access now that's crazy.. because I already pre-ordered from

yeah it's getting tough out there, to pick which one is the best to go with...


Cmpunk2850d ago

who cares it will be overshadowed by UNCHARTED 3, uncharted 3 will be so good it will win goty the next 3 years in a row that's how good it is :)

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Sev2851d ago

That's really sad. Way to put a damper on such an exciting game release.

Hufandpuf2851d ago

you won't be left out of anything, DICE said everything would be released later on anyway.

majdees2851d ago

Because you sir are an idiot.

insertcoin2851d ago

Ah, remember the days when you could just purchase a game and have it be the full damn game?

Lifewish2851d ago

HEY, i remember those days.. those were the good old days...

Kyosuke_Sanada2851d ago

Damn it now I feel old but happy to experience those days in their entirety. XD

dbjj120882851d ago

No, the first game I ever played was Halo. You know, the old school FPS on the Xbox.

BiggCMan2851d ago

The first game you ever played? Damn that sucks. I mean Halo is fantastic don't get me wrong, but you missed out man.

Impaler2851d ago

Agreed. My first shooter was Goldeneye 64(ahh the memories) and then Perfect Dark. From there it was good ol' Duke and Gordon Freeman :)

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The story is too old to be commented.